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Axa xl insures every transaction between creatives, photographers and fiilmmakers renting through Beazy, up to 30'000€

We got your back!
Every rental is insured up to 30'000€.
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Popular for filmmakers

DJI Mavic
From €20 / day
Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K
From €48 / day
DJI Ronin S
From €20 / day
Sony a7III Full Frame
From €40 / day
Cine Lenses
From €39 / day

Popular for photographers

Canon 5D Mark IV
From €65 / day
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM
From €24 / day
Continuous Lights
From €10 / day
Sony & Samyang Lenses
From €9 / day
Nikon Lenses
From €9 / day

How it works

Find what you need

Explore the gear available around you and find the camera gear or the studio that suits your needs.

Search by location

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Who do I rent my equipment from?


You'll be renting your photography or filmmaking equipment from trusted professionals and amateurs in your city.

What if I don't find what I'm looking for?


Drop us a message, either via the chat or via We'll make sure to find what you need.

Chat & Book

Use our messaging tool to get in touch with the owner of the equipment. Select the dates and send your booking request.

Instant Insurance

Safe payment

When do I pay?


You will be charged as soon as you submit your rental request but Beazy keeps your money in escrow until both you and the owner mark the order as completed.

When and where can I pick up the gear?


Use our messaging tool to to discuss the pick up time and location with the owner. It's up to the two of you!

Time to shoot

Your request has been accepted? Congrats! Meet the owner, pick up the camera gear, and start creating!

Flexible pick up & drop off

Focus on creating

When and where do I drop off the gear?


Use our messaging tool to to discuss the drop off time and location with the owner. It's up to the two of you!

Do I have to leave a review on Beazy?


Reviews are not mandatory but are highly recommended. Reviews help us monitor our community and make the platform as trustworthy as possible.

Popular shooting locations

Professional Photography Studios
From €24 / hour
Private Homes
From €25 / hour
Industrial Spaces
From €40 / hour
Shops, Museums & Unique Locations
From €60 / hour
Bars, Restaurants & Hotels
From €100 / hour
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Start sharing your camera gear

List your equipment for rent

Sign up, create a listing for your camera gear, add quality photos, fix your pricing, and start sharing!

Fast and easy

User friendly

How can I fix the price?


When sharing your camera gear, you are free to choose! We strongly recommend looking at the pricing of similar items on Beazy and positioning yourself from there. Don’t worry, you can change this at any time.

Do I have to give my exact address?


You do not need to give your exact address as a postal code is enough when creating a listing.

Get your first requests

Accept, decline, or ask for more details through our messaging tool for each booking request you get.

Instant insurance

You're in control

Can I chose whom I rent my gear to?


When sharing your camera gear, you are free to fix your own price, package multiple items together and accept or decline any requests as you see fit.

Do I have to pay for the insurance?


No, the insurance is included in Beazy's commission fee. The coverage up to €30'000 applies to bodily injury or property damages for which the lender or borrower is liable under statutory provisions. Our policy covers all rented items, except vehicles and drones heavier than 5 kg. You can find more information on

Earn an extra income  

Receive the payment directly in your bank account once the transaction is marked as completed by both parties.

Safe & secure

Earn money easily

How much money can I earn?


The monthly amount you can earn depends on the value of your camera gear, the rental price you fixed, and how often it is available. You could earn anything from 50€ to over 2’000€ per month.

When do I receive the payment?


You receive the payment for sharing your camera gear 3 to 5 business days after the order has been marked as completed by both parties involved.


Beazy for Pros

You're a business, an agency or are representing a brand or an organisation? You have specific content production needs?
Focus on creativity, and let us do the work for you.

How does it work?


We find, book and manage everything for you. Whether you need to book a unique shooting location, a large list of audiovisual equipment, a team of talented professionals or even all of these, we’re here to help.

How can I get a quote?


Fill in the form on this page. Use the requirements section and make sure to detail all your needs and expectations. We'll get back to you in 24 hours at most.

Where are you operating?


Beazy for pros is available in Germany, you'll be in touch with our Berlin-based team.

What's the standard pricing?


There's no usual pricing as every quote is made on demand and the total amount will depend on your exact production needs. Submit your request, get a quote and see if it fits your needs!


Some community love

Elvira is lovely and took great care of my lens, so happy I could help her by offering my equipment here on Beazy !

Rent Fujifilm Fujinon AF 35mm lens F:1.4 through Beazy community testimonials

Rick was super friendly. We had a really nice chat when I picked up the equipment and he gave me some helpful tips on filming. A wonderful experience.

Rent Walimex Daylight 250 Beazy community testimonials

Once again, Beazy saved my life!

Rent Canon 5D Mark IV through Beazy, community testimonials

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Who can join the Creative Gang?


The community is open to any creatives. Artists, models, actors, film directors, dancers, designers, stylists, .... Everyone can join us!

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Yes you can! The Creative Gang allows you to show your work and be more discoverable by potential clients, brands and businesses. Receive job offers, commissions, collaborations, competitions and much more, straight to your inbox.



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