Win a 2'000€ content production package

We're celebrating the launch of Beazy Pro with a giveaway!
This is your chance to elevate your brand with the amazing product shots, case studies, interviews, livestreams or lifestyle videos that you’ve been dreaming of.

Beazy partners up with the Berlin Photo Week - Rent all the gear you need and join the camera sharing community
BeazyMeet 2019 by J. Umbdenstock


We decided to give away a content production package worth over 2'000€ to one Berlin-based company! Take a shot and get the chance to get all the gear, studios and talents you need to make your dream production come true.

Beazy Pro exclusive giveaway: win up to 2'000€ worth of content production.

Popular video requests

Drone Footage
Starting at €80
Interview and
Case Study Video

Starting at €25
Marketing and Promotional Video
Starting at €300
Unique Location Scouting
Starting at €80
Livestream Packages
Starting at €50

Popular photography requests

Product Shoot
Lifestyle Shoot
Event Shoot
Portrait Shoot
Food Shoot

Some of our unique shooting locations in Berlin

Popular gear rentals

How it works


The giveaway prize consists of a 2'000€ content production package. It can be used for: a full content production, equipment rentals, post-production, hiring talents (including models and actors) and booking locations.
The prize can be redeemed only once and can not be partially use or reused for further Beazy Pro requests. The prize is valid for the 3 months following the announcement of the winner - from the 5th of November 2020 to the 1st of February 2021, and can only be redeemed during this timeframe.

Beazy for pros advantages

No purchase required

Goals and needs defined together

What if I don't know exactly what content I want or need yet?


We can help you figure out your needs, define requirements and where to go from there!

Where does Beazy Pro operate?


Beazy Pro is available in Germany, you'll be communicating with our Berlin-based team.

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The winner of the giveaway will be announced on the 1st of November 2020. Stay tuned 🎥
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About Beazy Pro

We find, book and manage everything you need for your next production.

We help companies, agencies and organisations produce the content they need in Germany.
We fulfill our clients content production needs at unbeatable prices and at record speed. All thanks to key partnerships and our German database of over 3'000 creatives, more than 2'500 pieces of camera equipment and over 100 unique locations available for rent.
Whether you need to book a unique shooting location, hire specific creatives, rent a large list of audiovisual equipment, or anything else, Beazy Pro is here to help.

Beazy Pro is a service that allows fast and personalized content production in Germany

The fastest around

We always try to get you the best possible price and beat all your expectations as fast as possible. Making you happy makes us happy.

Beazy Pro is a service that allows fast and personalized content production in Germany

Content made easy

It’s never been so easy to produce visual content. We can take over every aspect of your production and make sure you reach your goals, and on time.

Beazy Pro is a service that allows cheap and personalized content production in Germany

Half price, best quality

Beazy Pro's prices are on average 40% to 60% cheaper than anywhere else. Our team will personally take care of satisfying all your needs.

Beazy Pro is a service that allows fast and personalized content production in Germany

Personalized service

We know that each project is different, which is why all our processes and focus revolves around you, your requirements and getting you where you want to be.