In a recent AI Briefing , Google's Cloud Next was awash with a slew of updates and announcements regarding the tech behemoth's AI platforms. A significant reveal was the introduction of a unique "watermark" aiming to distinguish AI-generated images, marking a significant step forward in AI recognition and verification processes. The revelations at Google Cloud Next also included an expansion in strategic partnerships and startups, such as Jasper AI integrating its services into Google Workspace, offering effortless content creation in a consolidated space.

Generative AI startup, Jasper AI grabbed the spotlight by announcing new product launches and collaborations at the Google Cloud Next. Key integrations into Google Workspace have been implemented, allowing marketers to create, edit content directly within Google Docs and Google Sheets. Partnership announcements followed: Make, Zapier, and Webflow, leading to automation of tasks across various platforms and broadening the accessibility to Jasper’s services. Amidst the consistent push for innovating and diversifying models, the head of marketing, Meghan Keaney Anderson emphasized on maintaining a broad approach and not putting "all eggs into one basket".

The resonance and hype of generative AI, however, cannot mask the unexpected downturn in AI funding. A concerning report by CB Insights indicates a 38% plunge in AI funding between the Q1 and Q2 of 2023, totaling around $9.4 billion. Marco Pimentel, CMO of Redbrick, voiced investor concerns amidst the rapid transformation attributed to data reliance. He stated, "Everything is moving so fast, and if we are relying on data, it’s going to be a really hard thing for some of these startups to build a valuable company that’s protected in the future."

The AI space wasn't dominated by Google alone. OpenAI announced ChatGPT Enterprise offering additional features and proprietary data protection for businesses. IBM and Salesforce unveiled their partnership to leverage each other's capabilities, integrating IBM Consulting with Salesforce's Einstein and WatsonX platform. These collaborative efforts present a promising blueprint for blending industry expertise to drive technology adoption and find apt use-cases for it.

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