It’s safe to say that we’ve evolved a lot since the start-up was born back in March 2019. We’ve focused in on our mission, developed our product, and grown a fantastic community of creatives.

This felt like the perfect time to revisit our logo and freshen up the design to better represent us as a brand and our creative community.

We’re not afraid to admit that our first logo wasn’t exactly a masterpiece. In fact, it was designed all the way back in 2018 when Beazy was just a student project. Having no experience with Adobe Illustrator, very little patience and only a single YouTube video as a guide, the logo was born!

Those random lines running through the middle were supposed to represent community, connectedness and technology. However, it ended up looking a bit more like shattered glass - kind of ironic.

And since no one really asked (thanks guys), we ended up sticking with it… until now!

With that said, we still love our old logo. It’s seen us through so much growth and evolution as a business over these last 4 years, whilst still holding true to our values.

Check it out:

Our new logo was designed in-house by our team, the only parameters were to maintain the Beazy Identity. We held a multi-stage voting process to weed out any odd design choices and dodgy colour schemes - how democratic of us! 

As you can see, we’ve simplified the colour palette, keeping pink as our staple to represent creativity, but dropping the blue to steer away from any stereotypical gender associations.

The interlocking shapes represent the connections we strive to create and maintain among you creatives. We believe that keeping the community connected can help democratise the industry and provide equal opportunities for all.

As of today, you’ll see that we’ve adopted our new and improved logo everywhere: on our website, social media and even out in the wild at BeazyMeet events.

Keep a look out for these cute little gifs too!

This post's main goal was to let you know about the change. So don’t be alarmed, this isn’t a complete rebrand, we’re still Beazy. Just a bit more stylish and, fingers crossed, more connected than ever.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to work towards our goal of creating the all-in-one platform for the creative industry!

Love, team Beazy 🙌