Cover photo by Axel Banal in our first BeazyMeet in Paris

Beazy has just launched a new Ambassador Program for creatives to host events worldwide and build local communities.

We are a community of creatives. Over the years, we have organized many events to bring people together and expand our community. We love to arrange events and invite creatives to collaborate. We are looking for people who would like to host Beazy events in their cities.

Do you want to experience first-hand the Beazy community and have the opportunity to work with all the members of the Beazy team? By joining the Beazy Ambassador Program, you will have the opportunity to host events in your city and participate in the other ambassadors' events. Additionally, you will receive unique benefits provided by Beazy in return for your support.

Who Are the Beazy Ambassadors?

Beazy ambassadors are all the community members who share our vision and engage with our values. They are curious and proactive creatives who want to contribute to the growth of the Beazy community. They enjoy networking with fellow creatives, sharing their knowledge, learning and supporting each other.

You will be able to enhance the network of creatives in your city, contribute to the realization of social and cultural projects, and bring value to your community. By creating content together with the community members, you will be able to post high-quality content on the Beazy platform.

Group Photo of a BeazyMeet Event in Berlin, by Dave Ellison

What Does Beazy Offer Ambassadors?

Help to Grow the Community

Beazy is offering you the chance to have an active role inside the community. You will be able to take responsibility for organizing events and ensuring their success. You will meet other creative people like you and will get unique Beazy perks to further your journey as a creative. Last but not least, you will have a lot of fun!

Our mission is to offer the best possible experience to all our community members: creatives, content creators, and artists.

Help us do it, by spreading our values and making us known in your city. Fill out the form below to join the Beazy Ambassadors Program!