With models, makeup artists, and set designers to manage alongside photographers and the post-production team, it is easy to find yourself spending more time trying to coordinate everyone than actually working on your creative project.

With Beazy's digital toolkit confusing email chains are a thing of the past and content production has never been easier. Using Beazy in your next project will help you manage everything in one place; from shoot locations, media files, talent contact details and more.

File Management

Organising your files and keeping them in one place is one of the most frustrating elements of project management. Once you've created a project using the Tools, you can create, upload and organise important files in a few clicks.

Not only can you add your own documents and files, but you can use our built-in smart files, which I'll get into later.

After the shoot, you can upload any type of file from your computer, which can then be seen in the project by whoever you invite to it. This is great for uploading deliverables.

Another cool feature is that clients and photographers can "like" and comment on selected images, just like on Instagram. And there is even a more detailed flagging system, which can be used to automatically sort images into different folders.

Customer Relationship Management

If you're tired of receiving Whatsapp messages about projects late at night from clients or collaborators, the CRM can help you separate professional and personal contacts so this never happens again.

With this tool, you can create a database containing all of your contacts, including portfolios for creatives and profile details for talents. You are also able to create location pages containing pictures and videos of the location, a preview of the address in Google maps and add information about its utilities like parking space, wifi, etc.

And the best part is that this will help you a lot with your project's...


Talent and Location Selection

The comprehensive and well-designed talent profiles combined with interactive casting boards make it easy for clients and collaborators to comment, rate and give feedback in the selection process.

Remember the smart files we talked about, they also make the selection processes for location and talent much easier, by being able to easily share information with selected members of the team.

Task Management

Managing tasks can get pretty confusing, especially when lots of people are involved. With a customisable dashboard, it's easy to create and assign tasks as well as manage the progression made on each of these tasks by creating milestones and being able to see what everyone in the team is working on. You can add due dates, and priority levels, and connect tasks with events on your calendar to keep everything on track.

If you feel some members of the team have too much on their plate and others have less to do, you can redistribute tasks efficiently using the dashboard.

At the end of your project, it will be easy to export working times and create invoices straight from your project page, making it easier to keep track of your budget.

Budget Management

At the centre of any project is the budget, and we at Beazy understand the importance of ensuring you don't go overboard.

With each task and expense, you add to the project, including the invoices we discussed earlier, money is subtracted from the original budget. This makes it simple to ensure you remain under budget.

Creative Tools

Creating mood boards, storyboards and shot lists are vital to realising your creative vision in a project, so ditch your spreadsheets and PDFs in favour of our online system which makes it easier to create, share and finalise creative aspects of your project.

Beazy Tools help you have full control over your shot list, you can easily drag and drop the shots to reorder them, connect individual shots to certain talents and even switch between storyboards and shot lists. When you are happy with the results, you can easily export them to a PDF.

Now it's time to get creative!

At Beazy we understand that project planning can sometimes be daunting, however, with our new tools it has never been simpler to follow a project through from start to finish on the same platform, keeping everything in one place and easy to manage. Whether you're planning an urban photoshoot or filming a short advert, Beazy is the place to plan it.

Sign up to use the Tools now and spend less time working on administrative tasks and more time creating.

If you have any questions about the Tools, comment and a member of the Beazy team will be happy to help you.