From the brand-new profile layout and user card to the improved talent form and creative workflow; we’ll take you through all of the exciting details and show how easy it is to get hired on the platform.

So, whether you’re a creative looking to get hired or a brand searching for the perfect talent to get your project off the ground, these features make it easier than ever. Let’s dive into it!

Brand new profile

We’ve completely revamped your profile! It now has a fresh new look with a minimalist design making it easy to navigate for all users.

User card

First up is your sleek new user card. It’s designed to give users an easy-to-digest overview of your essential information, including name, talent, location and a brief “about” description. It also includes your spoken languages and customer reviews, making it a great way to gauge your expertise at just a glance.

On top of that we’ve introduced a few calls-to-action to the card, giving potential clients the option to save your profile for later, directly message you or share your profile link.

The share function speaks for itself. It allows users to conveniently share Beazy profiles via WhatsApp, Facebook, email or by copying the link to their clipboard. Easily connect with others around the world, new opportunities could be just around the corner!

Profile page 

Now for the main event, we’ve reworked your profile from the ground up, giving it a fresh new look with a minimalist design and a bunch of new features. 

A portfolio is a valuable addition to any profile, that’s why we’ve added one! You can now add photos, videos and audio tracks to your profile to present your skills and experience in a dynamic and engaging way. Add a selection of your best work to stand out from the rest and attract new opportunities.

And don’t worry, there is no sacrifice to the quality of your photos, we’ve equipped the portfolio with a light box feature to view them in all their glory.

In addition to your portfolio, the new profile page also has sections for your past work, education and awards. Think of this as your creative resume to showcase accomplishments and give potential clients a better understanding of your expertise.

Perhaps the most exciting feature we’ve added to your profile is the new “Hire” button. This button allows potential clients or employers to hire you straight from your profile page! Hitting hire will take users to the new creative booking workflow, which we’ll explain later.

No more convoluted back and forths as it’s now easier than ever to get hired on the Beazy platform. It just takes a few clicks.

New talent form

So what’s going on behind the scenes to make this incredible new profile work? 

Well, we’ve added a bunch of new fields to the talent form to help you optimise your profile and attract paying customers.  

First set your talent - the service you want customers to pay for, along with your areas of expertise and any skills you may have to complement these. 

Arguably the most important field is “Open to work?”, you can now indicate whether or not you’re available to be hired via Beazy. Set hourly, daily or weekly rates for your work and specify your cancellation policy.

BEAZY TIP: Set your talent price now to make that sweet “Hire” call to action visible on your profile!

Easily embed links to your socials on your profile to flex your following and entice potential clients.

If you’re a model, the talent form will include additional fields allowing you to share essential details about your appearance and physical attributes. These fields allow you to stand out from the crowd and get cast for your dream roles.


Welcome to your new and improved portfolio! Upload the photos you’re most proud of to portray your unique style and build your personal brand. This will help visually demonstrate your skills and experience to grab the client's attention. 

In addition to adding photos, you can also embed YouTube/ Vimeo videos and tracks from Spotify/ Soundcloud to your portfolio. Simply paste the links into the relevant fields. 

Whether you’re a photographer, videographer, model or any other kind of creative; this new portfolio allows you to showcase your amazing work to the world in an engaging way.

Past work 

It’s time to forget about boring resumes and tedious formatting, we’ve got you covered. 

Thanks to the new past work field, you can now add details about your previous job roles and responsibilities. Highlight companies you’ve worked for along with any exciting projects you were involved in. 

Provide visual evidence of your work by embedding photos and videos to help users better understand your experience.

Education & awards 

The education field allows you to input details about schools you attended and degrees you have received. Use this to highlight your qualifications and dedication to personal development. 

And lastly, the awards field allows you to highlight any details about awards or accolades you have earned throughout your career; yet another way for you to bolster your credibility and stand out from the competition!

New creative booking workflow

It’s here! The new creative booking workflow makes it super simple for clients to book you directly from your profile! 

Once a potential client hits your shiny new “hire” button, they will be presented with a user-friendly form to input details of their project, including the job description, start/ end date and any specifications they may have.

As soon as they hit “Hire now”, you’ll receive a notification. Negotiate a price and terms of the job and just like that, you’re officially hired.

We believe this new booking workflow is a game changer for Beazy users, as it’s now even easier to connect with potential clients and get those exciting projects rolling.

To take advantage of these exciting new features on our platform, update your profile details now!

Fill out the new talent form to showcase your amazing skills and experience to pique the interest of potential clients and start getting hired straight from your profile page.

We’re always working to improve your experience on the platform,  so if you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to contact us at

As always, thank you for being a part of our community. We can’t wait to check out all of your beautiful new profiles!