📊 An impressive number of 2.3 billion users watch videos on YouTube monthly! Out of the many features this platform offers, YouTube Shorts stands out as an influential tool for brand growth. As creators, it's vital we leverage the analytics behind Shorts to understand and increase our reach, retain our audience, and evaluate the performance of our content over time. One way to optimize for success? Discover how your audience finds your Shorts in the first place. Let’s dive into these concepts in detail.

The YouTube Studio analytics dashboard grants easy access to key analytics tools indispensable for managing your channel. As part of the most vital YouTube metrics, 'Video Views' refers to how many times your Shorts have been watched and are a cumulative representation of your content's reach, including repeat viewers. 'Average View Duration' assists in understanding how well your content holds its audience's attention by reflecting watch time.

'Shown in Feed' offers insights into your video content's reach by showing the frequency of your video's appearance in the Shorts feed. Collaboratively analyzing this figure with other YouTube analytics can give a clearer picture of your Shorts’ performance over time. 'Top Shorts' is a metric that sorts your content based on total views, which aids in identifying which topics and formats are more successful for your YouTube channel.

Finally, a broader insight into likes, comments, shares, and new subscribers gained after each Short redirects toward your channel's engagement. With a continued learning attitude, the YouTube Shorts offering not only helps with engagement but more importantly, provides a platform to share your impactful ideas and unique content to scale your brand. Equipped with a better understanding of YouTube Shorts analytics, you can optimize your content, improve performance, and progressively grow your channel!

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