As the weather in Berlin is getting warmer and summer is finally on the horizon, making use of the amazing nature and outdoor locations the city has to offer is a must!

With Beazy you can browse over 200 shoot locations, all over the world.

For those of us based in Berlin, the city and its surroundings have so much to offer. As we all know, Summer flies by quickly here, so it's time to start putting those projects you thought up in the winter darkness into action.

This month, we wanted to highlight some of our Beazy locations that are perfect for getting those summer shots:


Ducks approaching house boat during sunset
Enjoy the sunset in the lake with this Hausboot

For stunning shots on the water with a minimalistic modern look and a natural living vibe, this self-made Hausboot encapsulates a perfect summer feel.

The huge windows into the living and dining spaces on the boat are perfect for shots during the day and at sunset, as the clear water reflects the sky and other surroundings. At night, the view of the stars is incredible.

Equipped with a kitchen and furnished beautifully, we think this boat would be perfect for a summer portrait shoot or a short film.


Photo and Filmlocation Bahnhof
With a lot of variety both in the interior and exterior, the Bahnhofzeit is a perfect location for a full shooting day.

If you're looking for something more classic, this old brick Bahnhof and its surroundings would create an editorial shoot like no other.

The Bahnhof itself is furnished inside, with a rustic interior including bare bricked walls and wood-burning fires, perfect to create that cosy and homely feel.

The outside is where your summer shoot fantasies can come alive. The shapes of the windows in this location can be used to create a beautiful series of portraits, especially at different hours of the day.

The garden boasts 4,000 square meters of trees, flowers and forest surroundings, where you can create a range of different backdrops.

As this location is only 45 minutes from the city centre of Berlin, it is a must-use location in the summer months!

Indoor Jungle

Well lit apartment with lots of plants - Indoor Jungle
Who said you need to go outside to enjoy nature?

If you're more interested in an inside shoot location that you don't have to travel any further for, we also have many of those to offer. Nature isn't just found in forests or on lakes, in fact, the most interesting shoots often include the contrast between the natural and the modern.

For a shoot that emphasises the importance of bringing the outside in, look no further than this indoor jungle, which is located only 7 minutes away from the Hauptbahnhof. Full of plants, and wall art and equipped with a private library and a fully equipped kitchen, this studio rally is a haven in the centre of Berlin.

Not only is this location great for photo and video shoots, but there is also a sound system and a wall projector available making this plant-filled apartment ideal for workshops as well!

We can't wait to see what you do with all of these locations, and we're so excited for you to share the work you create in any of these Beazy locations on our new Community platform. These locations, and many more, can be booked through Beazy to make life even easier for you this season!

Comment which of these locations you'd be most excited to use this summer, or if you've been inspired to create new nature-based projects!