We like to highlight photo and film locations each month to inspire our creatives. This month, and with Halloween creeping ever closer, we thought it would be a great time to share our spooky location ideas for your brand's creepy content!

As you know, location choice is incredibly important, especially when creating content inspired by your favourite horror movie or ghost stories. Here are our top location ideas to get you 

started, along with some unique spaces available to book via Beazy.

Abandoned Buildings

Photo by Chris Anderson on Unsplash

First up are abandoned buildings. From derelict hospital facilities to neglected churches, these spots can be found all over the world, each with its own unique story waiting to be uncovered. 

As these locations no longer serve any true purpose, their emptiness gives off an eerie post-apocalyptic feel, providing unique textures and lighting opportunities. The crumbling and decrepit architecture can create rather unsettling backdrops for your shoots.

Whilst providing the perfect environment for capturing spine-chilling content, there is often good reason for a location's abandonment. Most will be in poor condition and therefore be very dangerous.

BEFORE entering an abandoned site, make sure to do the relevant research regarding the safety and access permissions; we wouldn't want any of you getting injured or prosecuted for trespassing.

One last tip, do not go alone, take a buddy and explore at your own risk!

Mühle Wesendahl Brandenburg - Beazy

If an abandoned, dilapidated building is what you're looking for then we have just the thing. Wesendahler Mühle is a disused and overgrown mill facility located an hour east of Berlin. This one is straight out of a horror movie, secluded from civilisation. 

Inside this large mill, you will find two floors of decaying rooms, littered with debris. The large windows that surround the property allow for dramatic lighting opportunities throughout, further adding to its tense atmosphere. 

Situated amongst 2000 square meters of wild overgrowing vegetation, the autumnal colours will bring even more character to your creations. Making this a unique setting for a short film or edgy music video.

Be sure to take advantage of abandoned locations for your Halloween shoots before they are inevitably knocked down, and turned into another block of apartments.

Want more? Discover abandoned locations to explore @ Abandoned Berlin!


Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

With centuries of history behind them,  It goes without saying, castles provide a wealth of opportunity for your shoots. They are imposing and dramatic buildings with striking architechture and grand interior design. 

Make use of everything these mysterious locations have to offer. From the luxurious great halls to the darkest dungeons. Watch out though, many are said to be haunted by their predecessors.

Rumours of ghosts and spirits occupying castle walls have been passed down for generations, but now it is time to craft some compelling stories of your own!

Believe it or not, we have multiple castles for hire on our site; check them out, if you dare…

Gutsgelaende Schloss Katzenberg
Gutsgelände Schloss Katzenberg

For some sophistication, look no further than Schloss Katzenberg. Located in Kirchdorf am inn, Austria. This castle is grand and on expansive grounds, making it possible for productions of all sizes to take place. 

Inside the castle you can find a wide variety of settings to shoot in. The rooms are traditional, decorated with antique furniture and regal colours; ideal for classy those fashion shoots. 

Want something more disturbing? Head down into the dungeon quarters.

The exterior also has great potential, the castle walls make a dramatic backdrop when shooting from the courtyard. And don’t miss the clocktower, as it could provide some eye catching shapes and unique compositions.

We’re not saying this place is haunted but keep a look out...

Studio Spaces

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Lastly, we recommend studio spaces. A more budget-friendly option for those smaller projects. Obviously, these don't immediately scream Halloween vibes but that's where you come in! Getting creative with lighting, make-up and movement in these spaces could lead to some equally spine-chilling portraits. 

And generally, from what we have heard, studios are not often rumoured to be haunted either which would make for a more comfortable shooting environment than a castle dungeon or abandoned hospital. 

One for the Berlin heads now! This industrial-style studio space located in Schoneweide offers unlimited possibilities with 2 main studio rooms, each approximately 200 square meters in size. Mainly used as a contemporary dance and circus training facility both rooms have black dance Marley flooring. 

Large Studio Space in East Berlin

Each studio boasts its own distinct features that would be ideal for capturing supernatural content. 

Studio 1 has acrobatic matting as an underlayer, making it a perfect space for capturing the performing arts, shooting music videos and pretty much anything involving movement. 

In Studio 2 it is possible to rig almost anything from the industrial-style steel beams that run across the ceiling. This allows for endless creativity and customisation of the space. Think dramatic lighting or even one of your models levitating from the ground below. This would be a great excuse to hire a set designer.

This studio space can accommodate all creative projects and productions, including your Halloween-inspired visions! Lighting equipment and technicians can also be arranged.

Although this post may have only scratched the surface of potential spooky shoot locations, we sure hope it has helped inspire you to bring your nightmarish content ideas to life! Make sure to share your creations on our community platform. These locations, along with many others can be booked via Beazy to make life less scary this Halloween. 

Get creative, we’re here if you need us!