Owned marketing channels are carving out a significant niche in the e-commerce sector, ensuring brand growth and profitability amidst financial uncertainties. These platforms, like websites, email, SMS, and social media, provide cost-effective solutions for customer acquisition strategies and maintain customer loyalty, especially during high-volume retail events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

To shed light on the potential of these intrinsic marketing channels, Klaviyo conducted its first-ever OWN IT virtual summit in mid-August. Industry-leading e-commerce brands expressed their insights on why owned marketing channels are now more crucial than ever, how to upscale customer retention strategies, and how to drive continual growth—all while gearing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday retail events.

Jones Road Beauty's Chief Marketing Officer, Cody Pfloker, highlighted the significance of having an equivalent growth rate for paid and organic revenues. Pfloker emphasized that the beauty industry often prioritizes revenue generation above all else, neglecting the fact that higher revenue doesn't always equate to profit. This understanding was the driving force behind the company's growth marketing strategy when it was founded three years ago by the cosmetics brand Bobbi Brown.

The summit also welcomed Chad Allen, ex-CEO of Outdoor Voices, discussing his current projects; the Web3 platform TYB (Try Your Best) and Joggy, a CBD supplements brand. Allen emphasized the future of marketing relies on using owned media and cutting-edge technology to foster communities that can co-create with brands. Other speakers, such as consultants, tech platforms, and agencies, emphasized how brands must use data and owned media to understand exactly who their customers are. This knowledge is crucial for crafting marketing strategies that attract new consumers while retaining loyal customers, transforming consumer bases into dedicated communities of advocates.

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