🎯 The GameChanger: Picking the Right Social Media Agency

In this digital age where successful marketing can make or break your business, selecting the right social media agency is pivotal. This was profoundly experienced by Jorge Bassante, owner of Horizon Air Solutions, in Houston, Texas. Despite substantial investment in advertising, the returns were less than satisfactory, leading to a significant financial strain. On the brink of giving up, he decided to shift strategies and turned to social media marketing. The result was a resounding success, translating into an additional $1 Million in revenue within a year.

Through his journey, Bassante emphasizes the importance of examining an agency's track record, customer reviews, and successful campaigns. Online reviews provide an invaluable insight into past clients' experiences, revealing the agency's reliability and effectiveness. He discovered that an agency's negative feedback shouldn't be underestimated, after being in a situation where he neglected a "ripoff report", which led to regrettable consequences. He points out the necessity of preserving your business's reputation and carefully monitoring an agency's track record.

Understanding your contractual obligations with the agency is also crucial. Your contract should provide enough flexibility to adapt with the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Bassante shared his own encounter where he hastily signed an extended contract on SEO services and later discovered the company wasn't delivering. His advice? Thoroughly review the fine print before signing, keeping exit strategies handy in case the arrangement does not live up to expectations.

Lastly, consider the size of the agency. Smaller agencies offer personalized attention, beneficial for businesses with specific demands. However, the balance between personalized attention and reliability should be maintained to avoid availability and logistical issues. Through thorough research, referencing, and setting clear expectations, selecting the appropriate social media agency will propel your business towards expansion.

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