Need the perfect place for your next photo or video shoot in Berlin? Look no further because Beazy brings you the top 10 unique and captivating spaces in the city. From the stylish apartments with skyline views in Kreuzberg, to a unique studio space in Neukölln, our list offers a variety of spaces for photographers, filmmakers, models and set designers. Enjoy not only diverse settings but also the essential amenities for a seamless shoot. This article gives a detailed look at each location, highlighting its unique features and potential to be the perfect backdrop for your next project. Let Beazy be your go-to platform for discovering and booking exceptional shoot locations in Berlin.

Stylish Simplicity: Skyline-View Apartment in Kreuzberg

A bright and airy room with herringbone parquet flooring, featuring large arched windows draped with sheer curtains, a simplistic wooden table with two modern chairs, a mid-century style wooden dresser, and green potted plants adding a touch of nature. The room has a minimalist aesthetic with a single piece of abstract wall art, and it overlooks a lush greenery and urban landscape.

Welcome to the Kreuzberg Minimalistic Apartment. Set in vibrant Kreuzberg, this space is adaptable for various creative uses and is priced at €78 per hour.

As you enter, you'll find a modern yet cozy living area complete with herringbone parquet flooring. It's the ideal set for lifestyle shoots, intimate conversations, and vlogs.

Step onto the balcony for a stunning view of Berlin’s skyline, including the unmistakable Fernsehturm. Perfect for portrait photography, editorial shoots, or capturing cityscapes for social media.

The tranquil bedroom shares its space with a compact kitchen, perfect for intimate shoots or food photography, providing a multifaceted set, right at your fingertips.

You'll also find a lit dining area and hallway with large mirrors, lending a sense of spaciousness. These areas are optimal for workshops, small events, or fashion photography. The two pristine bathrooms serve as excellent spaces for beauty-related shoots.

View from a window partially draped with sheer curtains, overlooking a dense canopy of green trees with an urban cityscape in the background, featuring the iconic Berlin TV Tower (Fernsehturm) piercing the skyline. A balcony railing is visible, suggesting the photo is taken from an upper floor, combining elements of urban architecture and lush foliage.

The apartment’s mix of vintage and contemporary furniture against its neutral walls and wooden floors, creates a unique staging environment. The minimalist design allows for easy customization for various shoots while offering stunning city views at sunset.

Accommodating up to 8 people, the apartment includes amenities such as an elevator, parking, projector, Wi-Fi, and kitchen facilities, with a full refund available if cancelled 5 days in advance.

In essence, this Kreuzberg apartment is a prime example of Beazy's dedication to connecting you with versatile, unique shooting locations in Berlin.

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The Dark Room: A Unique Space for Photo and Video

Eclectic interior of a photo studio with dark green walls and an abundance of indoor plants in terracotta pots, creating a vibrant bohemian vibe. A makeup table with a lit mirror, a green vintage cabinet, and various decorative elements like a Buddha head and a classical bust planter add to the artistic and serene ambiance. The room is lit by natural light coming through the window, complemented by warm artificial lighting, which includes a stylish table lamp, creating a cozy and inviting creative space.

Located in vibrant Weißensee, the Dark Room Studio represents a fusion of artistic flair and practical design. This integral part of the Der Grimm Artist Community is perfect for commercial and personal projects, including photo, video productions, and cozy workshops. At a cost-effective price of €28 per hour, the studio meets a wide range of needs.

This 60m² studio, with a generous 40m² dedicated to the photo area and a comfortable 15m² as a make-up/chill-out zone, plays host to an intriguing mix of themed areas. Textured backdrops, an atmospheric lounge area, an edgy bar area, and a brightly-lit workspace - there's a setting for every mood. Plus, a vibrant red backdrop section elevates your shots' energy.

Additionally, this versatile studio has a floor plan to aid planning, a gallery area, a product photography table, a retouch zone, and a clothes cupboard. This unique mix of features ensures your creative needs are met under one roof.

The rental package also includes plenty of amenities, with room for 10 people, access to a private elevator, a snack kitchen, a make-up area, clothing racks, Wi-Fi, a sound system, a retouch desk, and even a standard size reflector panels. Moreover, the studio provides background order and delivery services.

The community bar and chill-out spaces add to the overall experience. There's an option to rent photo and video equipment and lighting, but bear in mind that these aren't included in the rental price.

An interior view of a photo studio with dark hardwood flooring and neutral-toned walls. On the left, a large textured gray backdrop is mounted on stands for photoshoots. To the right, there's a styled garment rack with a selection of clothes, including a blue checkered blazer and a light green scarf, against a wall with a distressed turquoise and copper finish. Two studio umbrellas are hung above, indicating a professional photography setting.

Easy street parking and a freight elevator simplify the logistics, while other features like a dedicated make-up area, shower facilities, a clothes rail, and a steamer ensure your shoots run smoothly. And, to keep you refreshed, there's complimentary coffee and tea, a lounge, and a meeting room. The studio also provides facilities for those needing disabled access. In a nutshell, Dark Room Studio offers a dynamic, diverse, and affordable space that caters to every creative professional's needs.

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Charming 50sqm Photo Studio in Neukölln

Located in Kreuzberg, Berlin, the Kienitzer Str. studio offers a creative paradise for just €39 per hour. This minimalistic apartment provides a versatile backdrop with a fantastic view, making it a unique and attractive Beazy location for artists and creative professionals.

The studio's modern aesthetic features a full-length mirror against a clean white wall and a single suspended light bulb. This setting is perfect for fashion shoots, letting photographers and videographers play with shadow and light for stunning visuals.

The apartment is also equipped like a professional studio, with softboxes, umbrella lights, spotlights, and a backdrop roll system. These features let you shape the light as needed, perfect for a product catalogue shoot or high-fashion editorial.

Next to the technical gear, you'll find a storage area with props like books and boxes for lifestyle shoots. There's also a white backdrop setup with lights and a camera, making this the perfect spot for portraits, headshots, and small-scale product photos.

The studio comes with additional equipment like a black backdrop and a softbox, allowing for a variety of photo styles. Whether you need to capture bold, dramatic shots or softer, subtler images, this studio has you covered.

The space oozes creativity, with a wall featuring various camera lenses and other equipment visible. There is also a relaxed corner with a sofa against white drapery, ideal for breaks or informal interviews.

Equipped with a circular reflector and diverse lighting options, the studio is ready to meet various lighting needs. Its size also allows for larger group shoots, while the details - from a shelf with storage boxes and potted plants to the terrace for fresh air, make it an inspiring location for artists.

Technical provisions like strobes, softboxes, various backdrops, and continuous light bulbs are readily available. Furthermore, the workspace can be rearranged to suit any project's specific needs.

In addition to offering a great indoor space, the studio is surrounded by Thomashöhe and Lessinghöhe parks. This means you can take a break and enjoy some nature during your studio time. The Kienitzer Str. studio offers more than a workspace; it provides an unforgettable experience for creatives.

Overall, the Kienitzer Str. studio isn't just a rental property; it's a hub of creativity in the heart of Berlin's creative scene, perfectly blending aesthetic appeal with efficiency.

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Peaceful, Artistic Apartment in Prenzlauer Berg

If a blend of modern chic and bohemian warmth is what your creative project craves, let us whisk you away to a stunning top-floor apartment smack in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. For €200 an hour, embrace the liberating spatial freedom of a 130-square meter area, bathed in an ample outpour of natural light. All thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows that generously unlock panoramic cityscape vistas, the iconic Fernsehturm included.

The versatility of the rooftop terrace alone can add striking depth to your shoots or events. The sophistication of the interior, punctuated with raw natural elements, creates a warm backdrop ideal for intimate gatherings, bustling workshops, and everything in between, comfortably holding up to 15 people.

Among the wide array of amenities, this space boasts an elevator for easy access, street parking, wi-fi, air-conditioning, and a fully-equipped kitchen. Thoughtful additions like a dressing room and essentials like a shower, iron, and garment steamer cater to all potential requirements. Plus, a 48-hour notice cancellation policy ensures you're always at ease.

The Prenzlauer Gem Amenities:

A guided inclination towards minimalist design ensures the space remains open and doused with light, a delight for photographers working with artificial or natural light. Splashes of bohemia and rusticity add a charismatic flare, piquing interest for visual storytelling or lending layers to creative pursuits.

Whether it's the freestanding tub, the cozy lounge areas, or the well-lit workstations, each component contributes to creating an uplifting and multifunctional dimension for creatives of all walks. This Prenzlauer Berg apartment, truly a stunning canvas, seamlessly unifies indoor luxury with Berlin's effervescent skyline, promising an unlimited realm for creative explorations.

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Eclectic Mid Century Residence with Breathtaking Views

Immerse yourself in a fusion of historical charm and modern design at the Eclectic Mid-Century Altbau for €120 per hour. Located in Prenzlauer Berg, this apartment offers high ceilings, wooden floors, and ample greenery- the perfect setting for sparking creativity.

The naturally lit fourth-floor apartment offers many photo and video locations, from a breathtaking balcony overlooking the city skyline to beautifully decorated rooms. Dream of capturing a cityscape at sunset or need a trendy backdrop? Look no further.

Inside the apartment, two uniquely furnished living rooms, a functional kitchen, and a spacious hallway offer endless possibilities. The vintage flair, modern amenities, and abundant natural light present the perfect mix for photoshoots, filming scenes, or showcasing products.

Think about a vibrant kitchen for cooking shows or a minimalist corridor for fashion shoots. As dusk settles, the outdoor retreat becomes a picturesque canvas for capturing the twilight's beauty.

Not just visually appealing, the fully furnished apartment hosts practical comforts as well. It includes parking facilities, a stereo sound system, Wi-Fi, and kitchen amenities. You can relax knowing hosting up to six people is comfortable in the 85 square-meter space. Cancellations are stress-free with a full refund policy up to five days in advance.

The apartment just asks visitors to respect the space. This includes removing shoes, smoking only outdoors, and using the host's assistance for setup. This friendly environment ensures your creative projects run smoothly and productively.

The Eclectic Mid-Century Altbau is more than a location; it’s where Berlin's historical architecture and mid-century design intersect to inspire the creative community.

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Bright and Furnished Studio in Prenzlauer Berg for Creatives

Positioned in the heart of Berlin's Prenzlauer Berg district, a versatile daylight studio unfolds itself as an ideal location for a variety of artistic projects. Offering an hourly rate of €129, the Erich-Weinert-Straße based studio caters to photographers, filmmakers, and many more within the creative realm, rendering a stylish and adaptable ambience.

The studio reveals a modern minimalist design, complemented by a neutral color scheme that enhances the abundant natural light pouring in through its extensive windows. With ceilings soaring up to 4 meters high, this space is perfect for large-scale projects or extensive backdrop arrangements.

Every corner of this studio serves as a unique backdrop for your creative narrations, with features like a photogenic staircase, designer furniture, and intriguing nooks providing plenty of opportunities for shoot variety, from portraitures to commercial content.

With a chic lounge and cozy dining area, this studio is ready for fashion shoots or casual editorial work. The fully-equipped kitchen and complimentary beverages ensure both your creative and practical needs are satisfyingly met while on set.

This daylight studio doesn't stop at just providing a shooting location, but also allows additional equipment bookings such as lighting essentials and a range of paper backgrounds, making your transition between setups seamless and efficient. A detailed cancellation policy also comes as part of the package to accommodate any necessary adjustments.

Covering a total space of 100 square meters and a maximum capacity of 10 people, this studio is well-suited for solo or collaborative efforts. Wi-Fi, a garment steamer, a sound system, and a lounge/meeting room are a few of the amenities available to handle every facet of your production. It's indeed a go-to space for product launches, fashion spreads, or short films.

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Spacious Rooftop Apartment Overlooking Berlin's Famous Fernsehturm

Discover a unique blend of comfort and style with this rooftop apartment located in Berlin's vibrant center. Available for €60 per hour, it's an indoor paradise that boasts a whopping 72 square meters of space and a rooftop terrace of the same size. The apartment is flooded with natural light, creating a welcoming environment for your projects.

The living room's design is minimalist yet welcoming with wood floors and a sloped ceiling with skylights. It provides a great setting for lifestyle shoots or intimate interviews. Its neutral tones, complemented by greenery and a blackboard wall, allow your subjects to shine.

Next, the open-plan kitchen and dining area serve as a perfect stage for food photography or informal meetings. The modern kitchen is ready for any cooking show or product placement, and the intriguing staircase teases even more creative spaces upstairs.

Up on the roof, the spacious terrace transforms from a lively daytime venue to an intimate nocturnal setting. From social gatherings and lifestyle shoots by day to a serene space to create romantic moods by night, the terrace offers flexibility. Plus, it delivers a great view of Berlin's iconic Fernsehturm.

The apartment features two bedrooms and a bathroom with a jacuzzi. Able to host up to 30 guests on the terrace, it's great for events with a view. Accessibility isn't an issue, thanks to an elevator for easy movement of equipment and guests. Features like street parking, high-speed Wi-Fi, coffee and tea facilities, and a considerate cancellation policy further enhance the convenience of this location.

Whether you're a photographer, a filmmaker, or host, this rooftop apartment is perfect for those looking to capture Berlin's spirit. It's versatility extends to film and photo shoots, private events, and more, all with a spectacular city backdrop.

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Spielhagenstraße's Captivating Loft: The Perfect Vintage and Modern Fusion

If you're after a luxurious base for your creative process in Berlin, look no further than this urban loft on Spielhagenstraße. Housed in a 19th-century clinker building, it's got both authentic character and a contemporary edge.

This spacious loft, covering 185 square meters, is awash with natural light thanks to a skylight and wide windows, making it perfect for shoots. For an added touch of class, there's a freestanding fireplace, and a kitchen that wouldn't look out of place in a design magazine. Imagine the remarkable culinary and lifestyle shoots you can create here.

Outdoor space is also at a premium, with a rooftop terrace offering 360-degree views of the city, as well as a south-facing balcony. These provide an adaptable background for photography sessions or filming.

The bathrooms are opulent, fitted with Victorian & Albert standalone tubs and Villeroy & Boch surface-mounted sinks. Great for those high-end beauty shoots. An additional guest toilet adds a touch of class with a Forzalaqua sink.

The loft also has two bedrooms; each with charming brick walls, and the modern convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, there's an elevator and street parking, so accessibility and logistics during shoots aren't a problem.

If you need to cancel, do so on generous terms, with free cancellations a week before the booking and 50% refund within a week's notice. With a maximum capacity of 12, this loft is not only suitable for photography and filming, but an elegant setting for events as well.

Experience the historical architecture melt together with modern luxury in this loft. Whether for fashion shoots, filming, or even private meetings, the loft offers an unforgettable experience.

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Photography Studio in Lankwitzer Str.: A Hub for Artists and Creatives

Discover a hub of artistic creation located at the tranquil Lankwitzer Str., 12107 Berlin. Rent this professional photography studio at €80 per hour, featuring a 5-meter high ceiling spread over a spacious area of 150 square meters - an ideal blank canvas for bringing your creative projects to fruition.

Inside the studio, you'll find a light-filled space enhanced by white walls - a setting that invites both photographers and videographers to shine. The studio is furnished with an intricate HENSEL lighting system, giving you a wide range of lighting options to perfect the ambiance for any shoot.

One unique feature of this studio is its expansive 3.55-meter photo canvas providing a flawless backdrop for any kind of shoot, from full-body portraits to high fashion spreads. The studio includes a generously sized styling area furnished with a modern desk and a lighted mirror, offering a cozy space for pre-shoot preparations.

For the practicalities, there's a private shower, a toilet, and a kitchenette ensuring comfort during long shooting sessions. Importantly, the studio is on the ground floor, and its large entrance is accessible by car, simplifying the process of setting up and clearing equipment.

In terms of equipment, this studio is a treasure trove of state-of-the-art gear. From Hensel Expert Pro lights to a portable Hedler continuous light, and several accessories, you'll be equipped to take on any creative challenge. For those with extra creative flair, there's a wind machine and fog machine to inject atmospheric effects into your shoots.

This remarkable space caters to a maximum of 25 people, providing a versatile venue for various projects. With a progressive cancellation policy that offers free withdrawal up to two weeks before the rental start, flexibility is assured in your project planning.

The Lankwitzer Str. studio is a place where aesthetics and functionality intersect, geared towards helping you create dazzling visual content. Catering to established professionals and emerging artists alike, this studio gives you the tools and the environment to actualize your photographic and cinematic dreams.

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The Private Terrace Apartment: An Elegant and Peaceful Sanctuary

Located in Schildhornstraße, Berlin, this unique penthouse apartment provides an urban retreat for your photo or video shoot for €80 per hour. The space is filled with natural light, thanks to its private rooftop terrace and full-length windows.

The apartment is a standout example of contemporary design. It combines dark wood decking on the terrace with contrasting rattan furniture and bright accents. It's adorned with greenery, and overlooks the city, presenting a fantastic setting for an outdoor shoot.

Outdoor furniture on the terrace adds to the dynamic possibilities for a shoot, making it a choice location for fashion shoots or lifestyle shots. Moreover, the rooftop setting is perfect for filming commercials and scenes requiring chic surroundings.

Moving inside, the penthouse has a spacious and stylish living area with an exposed brick feature wall. The generous natural light and modern decor are ideal for indoor shoots. It also provides a versatile backdrop for home goods ads or narrative scenes.

The contemporary kitchen, with sleek white cabinets and wooden floors, is custom-made for cooking shows, food photo-shoots, and kitchenware ads. The stylish bedroom continues the modern theme and is ideal for lifestyle shoots or set dressing for films.

This aesthetically pleasing penthouse is also functional. It includes a well-equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, and WiFi. The high ceilings and open design help create a sense of space.

The penthouse can comfortably accommodate 10 people over its 64m² area. The location ensures easy access to shopping and entertainment options, and street parking is available, adding convenience for crews and guests.

Finally, the cancellation policy allows changes up to 7 days before the event, making it a flexible solution for creative professionals. Whether you need it for photography, film, or a private event, this space effortlessly blends style, functionality, and Berlin's vibrant vibe.

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These are just a few of the numerous exceptional locations offered by Beazy in Berlin. With spaces ranging from artistic apartments to professional studios, there's a multitude of inspiring settings waiting to be discovered. Visit Beazy to check out our full range of unique and captivating spaces. Find the perfect backdrop for your creative projects and let your artistic vision come to life in an environment that matches your ambition and style.