Charming Zehlendorf Villa for Photo & Film Shoots

Spacious dining room with natural light, featuring a wooden herringbone floor, a large wooden table with metal legs, and industrial-style pendant lights. A cozy bench with a fur throw sits alongside the table, and an exposed brick fireplace adds a rustic touch. White curtains frame a window overlooking greenery, creating a serene atmosphere suitable for photo shoots and film productions seeking a homey, elegant interior.
Dining Area Photo
Staircase and Entryway

Immerse yourself in the refined elegance of our Villa in Zehlendorf, a beautifully modernized property that dates back to the early 20th century. Rich in both history and modern comforts, this splendid villa unfolds on a large garden plot, offering an extensive range of settings suitable for your next photo, video, or film production.

Delight in the villa's Beletage, comprised of a chic dining room, a polished living room, an open kitchen, porch, entrance hallway, guest toilet, and winter garden. These areas boast high ceilings and large windows, creating a luminous environment that is ideal for capturing both the subtleties and grandeur of any creative vision. Optional bedrooms and a master bath on the first floor add to the venue’s versatility.

The majestic staircase serves as the dwelling's backbone, featuring wooden steps and an elegant banister that make for stunning portrait backdrops or poised film entrances. A large garden, terraces, and a picturesque entrance area offer numerous outdoor production possibilities.

Navigate from one room to another and be inspired by the myriad of production possibilities. Whether you're orchestrating an avant-garde fashion shoot, a character-driven narrative, or a commercial brimming with style, the Zehlendorf villa welcomes you with its open doors and manifold scenes.

From the moment you step into this villa's space, where history's echoes meet contemporary flair, you will know that you've chosen the perfect setting for your next project. Discover tranquility and creative freedom in the residential haven of Zehlendorf.

Book now and ensure that your vision becomes a reality at our captivating Zehlendorf villa. Click here to secure your reservation.

Molkerei Studio: A Historic Berlin Dairy Transformed into a Photoshoot Haven

The enchanting Molkerei Studio, steeped in history, offers a serene escape from the bustling streets of Berlin. This dairy-turned-studio embraces its rustic beginnings and complements them with a touch of modern flair, creating the perfect balance for photographers and filmmakers seeking a distinctive backdrop for their work.

Among its authentic features, the space boasts original feed troughs that harbour the soul of the studio's past. The sizeable main room, along with its warm wooden kitchen and quaint anteroom, holds the promise of tailored arrangements to adapt to your particular production needs.

Whether your narrative demands an edgy, urban theme, or a rich, atmospheric set, the Molkerei Studio shapes itself to your creative impulses. The convenience of this ground-floor treasure is unmatched, offering easy access amidst the charm of a classic Berlin courtyard—a jewel framed by the city's vibrant dining and nightlife.

Spacious industrial loft with exposed beams and columns
Original feed troughs adding authentic charm
Warm wooden kitchen perfect for lifestyle shoots
Bright natural light flooding the studio
Versatile space adaptable to various setups

With a knot of history and a dash of the contemporary world, the studio's versatile ambiance makes it suitable for an array of photo and video shoots. The soft, diffused natural light that streams through the window panes will illuminate your subjects with an ethereal quality, while the textured walls add depth and character to every shot. Additionally, the studio's affordability, priced at 100€ per hour, makes it an accessible option for various budget scales without compromising the quality and the richness of the location.

Seize the opportunity to utilize this mesmerizing studio for your next creative pursuit. Book now and let the Molkerei Studio be the stage for your imagination to flourish.

For further inquiries and to check availability, learn more here. Find out how the Molkerei Studio can become the cornerstone for your forthcoming photo or video masterpiece.

ALTBAUTRAUM: Where Classic Meets Modern - A Photogenic Haven

As you embark on your quest for the perfect photo or film location, it's rare to find a space that resonates with a mix of timeless elegance and contemporary flair. Enter the ALTBAUTRAUM, a beautifully renovated 3-room apartment that marries the grandeur of a classic Berlin Altbau with a fresh and stylish modern interior. Photoshoots, film productions or creative endeavors will find themselves immersed in a sea of creative possibilities.

Bright and airy living room with large windows, elegant white crown molding, and herringbone parquet flooring, ideal for photo shoots or film scenes requiring a classic and sophisticated interior setting.

Each room in ALTBAUTRAUM is a story waiting to be told, with high ceilings, wooden floors, and generous natural light setting the stage for your narrative. The apartment's versatility is its strength — from the blue-sofa-adorned living room to the serene workspace by a large window, each offers distinct aesthetics and the flexibility to transform according to your project's needs.

Living Room with Fireplace and Designer Furniture

Not only is the flat visually enchanting, but it is also pragmatically set up for shoots. You have the freedom to rearrange the boutique furniture for your scenes, and despite its chic appearance, the flat is spacious enough to accommodate your equipment and crew comfortably.

Classic Dining Area with Natural Light

Located in the heart of a neighborhood brimming with culture and history, creativity will tap you on the shoulder at every corner. Moreover, the availability of local amenities, boutiques, and cafes means that everything you need is just a stone's throw away.

Embrace the changing Berlin skies, which serve as a softbox for the serene light that cascades through the windows. Any season is a good reason to book the ALTBAUTRAUM, complementing your visual aesthetics with Mother Nature's mood.

Minimalist Workspace by Window

ALTBAUTRAUM is a canvas upon which you can paint your masterpiece, a flat that cultivates sophistication and practical usability in harmony. Should you have any concerns, a FAQ section is available to address common inquiries such as equipment, furniture arrangements, and parking — ensuring a seamless production experience.

With its unique blend of historical allure and modern design, ALTBAUTRAUM stands head and shoulders above other locations. Ready to channel your creativity in this elegant and adaptable space? Book now and immortalize your vision at ALTBAUTRAUM — where every angle is a beautiful discovery.

If you have further questions or wish to speak directly about your creative needs, do not hesitate to reach out. Your next visual story begins in the heart of Berlin.

Centrally-Located Modern Studio for Photo & Video Shoots

Modern kitchen interior with natural light, featuring a sleek island with bar stools, light wood flooring, and neutral color palette. Ideal for contemporary lifestyle scenes or cooking shows.

At the heart of Berlin lies a gem that exudes modern elegance—a multifaceted studio perfect for photo and video enthusiasts aiming to capture contemporary sophistication, "Modern Living". Charged at €75 per hour, this space is a marvel of design innovation, infused with smart technologies amidst an urban oasis.

Envision your next visual masterpiece unfolding within an abode where smart tech and design classics dovetail. The studio is ensconced in a district brimming with creativity, your ideal partner for narratives that command a central and accessible locale.

Elegant dining space with modern furnishings, natural light, and an inviting ambiance. Perfect for editorial and lifestyle photoshoots.
Spacious and chic bedroom with minimalist design, ideal for photo shoots highlighting finesse and tranquility.

Kitchen and Dining Area: Culinary Elegance Meets Functional Design

Featuring a generous open-plan layout, the kitchen and dining space is drenched in sunlight, thanks to expansive high windows—ready to caress your scenes with a soft daylight embrace. Culinary narratives spring to life amid the sheen of modern appliances and muted grey cabinetry. A central island becomes not just a symbol but a functional heart where conversation simmers alongside your next dish.

Living Space: A Canvas for Your Imagination

Transitioning with finesse, the living space offers a harmonious backdrop that complements wooden flooring and neutral walls with the pliability your project desires. Sprawling space caters to the dance of camera and equipment, while a prominent dining table over an ornate rug whispers stories of gatherings, closeness, and the art of living.

Bathroom: Intimate and Inviting

In the bathroom, minimalism marries luxury. Here, a large walk-in shower reveals graceful glass doors and walls textured with warmth. A sleek countertop cradles a contemporary sink, while a luminescent round mirror crowns the scene—the setting yearning for beauty shots that echo boutique opulence.

Bedroom: Minimalism at Its Finest

Slumber and style coalesce in the bedroom, where clean lines and a monochrome palette frame the profound tranquility, supplemented by natural light. A curvaceous lamp arches over the stylish bed—each element a consort to your camera, each angle a tribute to the ethos of simplicity.

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Don't let the opportunity to define the next standard in modern visual narratives pass you by. Book now and immerse your craft in the meticulously curated confines of our Modern Living studio. Reach out for more information, and together we will bring your vision to fruition.

Amsterdam Atelier Event Space for Photo Shoots & Festive Events

Step into the world of Amsterdam's Atelier Event Space, an atmospheric venue brimming with creative potential and charm. Designed to inspire and host, this location is perfect for photo shoots, seasonal festivities, and all kinds of celebrations. With its dramatic high ceilings, designer lighting, and versatile areas, you’ll find a canvas ready to be transformed into your visionary event.

The Atelier Event Space is more than just a setting; it's a dynamic environment that beckons storytellers, photographers, and event planners alike. The unique features of this space adapt to the mood of your project or event, making it an undisputed top pick for creatives seeking a multifunctional background.

Elegant Dining Area

At the heart of the Atelier Event Space is a festive dining area, invoking the spirit of celebration with its chic tablescape and enchanting decorations. Capturing the essence of Christmas and New Year's Eve here is like preserving a piece of holiday magic itself. Enhance your productions with festive visuals that exude comfort and joy.

Intimate Performance Stage

The dedicated performance stage offers an intimate corner for musical acts or impactful speeches. With its black backdrop and focused lighting, this space adds a touch of drama to any scene or event. Utilize it as a main feature in your narrative, or as a sophisticated background for engaging audience shots.

Reception or Party Area

A sense of vivacity and modernity characterizes the reception or party area. With movable high-top tables and customizable lighting, this space is a canvas for social mixers, networking sessions, or just about any event where interaction is key. Flirting with both casual and formal tones, this corner complements the celebratory aspects of the Atelier Event Space.

Useful for close-up shots or as a secondary scene is the modern kitchenette, with its stylish simplicity and functional charm. Ambient lighting here ensures that your culinary creations are captured in the most flattering way, making it a prized setting for food bloggers, chefs, and lifestyle brands.

Modern Kitchenette

From intimate high teas to exuberant birthday bashes, the Atelier provides an elegant, adaptable setting. Its central location in Amsterdam adds a local flavor to the venue, placing your event in the midst of the city's cultural narrative. With the Atelier, your event or production not only gains a space but also a story enriched by Amsterdam's vivacious spirit.

Venue Details

Book now at the Atelier Event Space for your next photo shoot, film production, or festive event, and transform your creative vision into a captivating reality. This cherished 110m2 gem awaits, offering flexible hours and customization to ensure your experience is as unique as the events it hosts. Immerse yourself and your guests in an environment where each detail is a testament to creativity and elegance.

Kreuzberg Rooftop Studio: Ideal Film & Photo Location with View

Welcome to the pinnacle of urban charm and creativity – the Kreuzberg Rooftop Studio. Perched above the energetic streets of Berlin, this 110sqm apartment is a treasure for filmmakers, photographers, and artists alike. With its panoramic terrace views, Greek-style concrete bed, and an array of unique features, it provides the perfect background for compelling visual storytelling.

Let natural light flood your scenes in the spacious living areas, equipped with beamers for an immersive experience. The open kitchen, not just a culinary space but a potential stage for lifestyle shoots, invites you to bring your gastronomic narratives to life. The luxurious indoors seamlessly extend to the outdoors with a 15sqm terrace that gifts you a postcard-worthy outlook of the iconic Kottbusser Tor.

An escape within the city, the studio includes a personal indoor infrared sauna and a rain/stone shower - not only for a touch of wellness but also as dynamic elements in your production design. Whether you're scripting a drama or capturing still art, the textures and tones here will add depth to your work.

For those seeking authenticity in their work, stepping outside means immersing oneself in Kreuzberg's vibrant culture. The neighborhood resonates with urban stories, making it an endless resource for on-location shoots.

And don't worry about the logistics; the studio is film-friendly and comes with light/camera gear to support your shoot. Jumpstart your next project at this exceptional Berlin location. Book now and create your narrative amidst Kreuzberg's inspiring skyline.

Here’s what awaits you at the Kreuzberg Rooftop Studio:

Urban balcony setting with a cozy atmosphere ideal for intimate scenes or casual dialogues in photo and film productions.
Rooftop View from the Apartment
Luxurious Bedroom with White Concrete Bed
Open Kitchen in Rooftop Apartment
Indoor Infrared Sauna
Stone Rainshower

Every frame, every angle in this rooftop studio tells a story - your story. Live it, shoot it, and share it with the world. With its eclectic spirit and homely comfort, this space is a rare gem in the heart of Berlin's most expressive district. Learn More and capture the essence of the city from your exclusive vantage point.

Kreuzberg Photo & Film Studio by Spree - Bright Modern Apartment

Immerse yourself in a space where modern elegance meets radiant natural light. This serene apartment in the heart of Berlin's vibrant Kreuzberg district, right alongside the tranquil Spree River, is the perfect backdrop for photographers and filmmakers seeking inspiration from contemporary design and urban tranquility. The very essence of chic and modern living awaits you on the first floor of an easily accessible building.

Bright and modern open-plan kitchen and dining area with natural wood flooring, large windows providing ample natural light, a wooden dining table set for six, contemporary hanging light fixtures, and a kitchen island with white countertops. The space is accented with indoor plants and wall art, creating an inviting atmosphere for photo and film productions.

At a rate of 200€ per hour, we invite you to Learn More about this bright and spacious setting that harmoniously blends form with function. Keep in mind, booking inquiries should be made at least one month in advance.

Dining and Kitchen Area

The open dining area invites you to set your scene at a robust wooden table, illuminated by unique hanging fixtures that add an eclectic charm. This perfect social set-up is enhanced by the expansive daylight from grand windows. Venture into the stylish kitchen, where you can take advantage of top-notch finishes like modernist blue cabinets and sleek countertops, ideal for a stylized culinary shoot.


Drift into the tranquility of the bedrooms, each presenting a distinct aesthetic complete with pastel tones and chic decor. The ample windows allow for a flood of natural light, creating an airy feel against the calming color palette—an exquisite space to capture the peace of everyday moments.

Living Area

The living area is a symphony of style, where modern meets mid-century in a symmetrical dance of comfort and visual appeal. The space is lively, yet balanced, with lush greenery against a neutral canvas, and sunbeams playfully entering from the outdoor realm. It's a place where each element has been curated to perfection.

Additional Bedroom

Moving through the apartment, discover other intimate spaces including additional bedrooms, which echo the apartment's theme of stylish simplicity yet open a window into a slightly more personal ambiance.

In a neighborhood noted for its artistic vibe and diverse culture, this apartment stands out as a space of serenity that speaks volumes. It's not just a location; it's an experience waiting to be captured.

Indulge in the elegance, soothe your senses with the light, and let the sophisticated contours of this Kreuzberg gem transform your production. The time is now, and the space is yours to create.

Are you ready to turn dreams into visuals? Book now and elevate your shoot with this unparalleled location.

Welcome to SEPISTUDIO: Your Premier Photo and Video Location in Prenzlauer Berg

Discover the perfect canvas for your creative vision at SEPISTUDIO, nestled in the vibrant heart of Prenzlauer Berg. This exquisite photo and video studio stands as an ideal venue for professionals and enthusiasts alike, offering an expansive space replete with modern decor, high ceilings, and leading-edge Broncolor gear. With its central location, SEPISTUDIO is a beacon of accessibility, complete with parking and premium amenities like Wi-Fi and a kitchen. Open from 8 AM to 8 PM, it requires a minimum booking of 4 hours, promising an unmatched experience in the creative domain.

SEPISTUDIO Interior View
SEPISTUDIO Creative Space

SEPISTUDIO's generous dimensions are enhanced by its lofty ceilings, cultivating a refreshing ambiance for diverse photographic projects. The studio's trendsetting decor offers a desirable backdrop that fits any mood or style. Accompanied by Broncolor's advanced lighting solutions, the space endorses a professional standard of excellence for your work.

The studio ensures a seamless experience with its high-speed Wi-Fi, catering to your online needs promptly. A fully-equipped coffee station, alongside a quaint tea kitchen, provides soothing refreshment throughout your shoot. A pristine WC stands ready to accommodate the practical needs of you and your team.

Immerse in Prenzlauer Berg’s creative atmosphere, peppered with an assortment of cafes, boutiques, and arthouses that capture the cultural essence. SEPISTUDIO is advantageously situated amidst this inspiring milieu, with exemplary public transport connectivity and available parking spaces right at your doorstep.

Effective planning is simple with knowledge of the locale's weather, which features a temperate climate, conducive to year-round indoor shoots within the studio’s controlled environment.

Begin at 59€ per hour and secure this outstanding locale to transform imaginative projects into brilliant realities. SEPISTUDIO is a testament to value and style, harmoniously merged to offer a distinct setting for all photo and video initiatives.

Learn More about this breathtaking space or Book Now to guarantee SEPISTUDIO's role in your next creative venture.

With SEPISTUDIO, elevate your creative pursuits in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg. Fostering a conducive and artistically-rich environment, your proficiency is bound to thrive.

Book your session today and bolster your endeavors in a destination chosen by discerning creatives for its opulent amenities and ambient setting.

Discover the Quintessential Private Garden Oasis in Estoril, Lisbon

Welcome to a slice of paradise ensconced within the prestigious area of Estoril, Lisbon, where your photo and video production dreams can come to life. The Private garden with pool in Estoril offers an idyllic setting that artfully balances the traditional Portuguese charm with contemporary luxury.

Aerial view of a secluded estate in Estoril with a large traditional red-tiled roof house surrounded by dense greenery, featuring a spacious rectangular swimming pool, ideal for private outdoor scenes and luxury setting in photo and film productions.
Aerial photograph of private garden with pool in Estoril portraying serenity and seclusion.
Modern poolside area with white stone tiles and circular chairs in Estoril garden, Lisbon.
Lush greenery showcasing the natural beauty of an Estoril garden ideal for serene photo and film backdrop.
Poolside aesthetic of Estoril garden with elegant simplicity and flowering shrubs ideal for photo shoots.

The estate boasts a spacious pool embraced by modern seating and sun-drenched tiles, proposing a stage for luxury lifestyle snapshots. As the sun climbs the sky, gentle rays spangle through the verdant foliage, painting a perfect portrait of relaxation - an image capturing the lush tranquility and stylish living. Each aspect of this property, from the sculpted gardens to the manicured lawn, whispers tales of leisure, making it a stellar choice for fashion editorials, commercial shoots, and storytelling through the lens.

Do you require a dynamic setting for your shoot? The garden’s palette of greens and the building's noble facade offer varied textures and depths, creating an intertwined dance of nature and architecture. Delectable to the eye and generous in space, this venue ensures your logistical needs from gear to crew placement are comfortably met.

Imagine your scenes set against the backdrop of timeless design, each frame enriched by the estate's refined character. Whether capturing the essence of outdoor festivities or solitary moments of reflection beside the shimmering pool, your work here is bounded only by imagination. Nestled in the heart of an area known for its culture and sophistication, this location is more than just a backdrop; it’s the embodiment of grace and a promise of production excellence.

At a competitive rate of 500€ per day, the peace of private realms and the aura of luxury that envelops this retreat is within your reach. Operating hours stand generous, from 9 am to 7 pm on weekdays, with weekends open for negotiation to accommodate your project's needs.

Ready to transform your visions into captivating imagery? Book now and secure the Estoril Private Garden for your forthcoming photo or video production. Embrace the experience where the grandeur of nature's serenity meets the craftsman's lens, all within the magnetic allure of Lisbon's beloved Estoril.

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Discover the Charm of Daylight Topfloor Loft in Kreuzkölln: Your Ideal Photo and Video Location

Welcome to the Daylight Topfloor Loft in Kreuzkölln, where creativity meets comfort in a space designed for artists and professionals alike. This intimate 150sqm studio, our most affordable offering, is a hidden gem nestled in the vibrant heart of one of Berlin's most eclectic neighborhoods. With its industrial-chic aesthetic and an abundance of natural light, this loft is the perfect canvas for your next photo or video project.

Unique Features of the Daylight Topfloor Loft

The Daylight Topfloor Loft boasts a variety of features that make it stand out as a prime location for creatives. The industrial look of the concrete floor provides a raw, edgy backdrop, while the textured brick wall adds depth and character to any scene. The space is furnished with a sleek conference table, ideal for meetings or as a prop for your shoots.

One of the loft's most elegant elements is its bathroom design, featuring a stylish bathtub that can serve as a focal point for fashion shoots or a relaxing space for breaks during long sessions. The dedicated make-up area, with its own separate room, ensures that your talent can prepare in privacy without interrupting the flow of studio activities.

As the quietest studio in our repertoire, the Daylight Topfloor Loft is particularly suited for sound recording or live-streaming projects. The top-floor location not only minimizes noise interference but also provides the most exquisite daylight, creating a serene atmosphere and offering the best lighting conditions for your work.

The Vibrant Neighborhood of Kreuzkölln

Kreuzkölln, a portmanteau of the adjacent areas Kreuzberg and Neukölln, is a neighborhood that pulsates with cultural diversity and artistic energy. Known for its bohemian spirit, Kreuzkölln is home to a plethora of galleries, vintage shops, and eclectic eateries. The area's rich history is reflected in its architecture, with a mix of old Berlin charm and modern, creative spaces.

When you step outside the studio, you'll find yourself immersed in a community that celebrates creativity and innovation. Take a stroll along the Landwehr Canal, or explore the bustling markets and street art that adorn the neighborhood. Kreuzkölln's dynamic vibe will not only inspire your projects but also provide countless opportunities for off-site shooting locations.

Visual Tour of the Daylight Topfloor Loft

Take a closer look at the space that could be the setting for your next masterpiece:

Daylight Topfloor Loft Wide View
Daylight Topfloor Loft Conference Table
Daylight Topfloor Loft Brick Wall
Daylight Topfloor Loft Makeup Area
Daylight Topfloor Loft Elegant Bathroom
Daylight Topfloor Loft Concrete Floor

Envision your next project in the Daylight Topfloor Loft and experience the perfect blend of functionality and style. Don't miss out on the opportunity to work in one of Berlin's most sought-after creative spaces. Book your spot today!

Book Your Next Creative Endeavor

Ready to bring your vision to life in this one-of-a-kind space? Book Now or Contact for More Information. Our Daylight Topfloor Loft in Kreuzkölln awaits your creative touch.

Spreewald Photo & Film Studio: Rustic Charm Meets Modern Elegance

Nestled in the picturesque setting of Cottbus, Germany, the Old Flax Farm presents a harmonious blend of historical allure and contemporary flair, setting the scene for unforgettable photo, video, and film productions. With an expansive park-like setting that spans 6,800 square meters, this century-old Spreewald flax farm captivates the imagination with its renovated main house and original outbuildings.

As you wander through this idyllic location, you’ll discover a plethora of settings ranging from stylish interiors boasting a rustic charm to an accommodating space that offers a peaceful retreat for up to 15 individuals. The farm further enchants with an atmospheric event barn and a relaxing sauna, making it suitable for a diverse array of creative endeavors—from lifestyle and fashion shoots to culinary explorations and thematic storytelling.

Bright and airy bedroom with eclectic decor in Old Flax Farm
Pastel Bedroom at Old Flax Farm
Minimalist Dining at Old Flax Farm
Adjoining Kitchen at Old Flax Farm
Spacious Living Room at Old Flax Farm

The Old Flax Farm not only serves as a backdrop but becomes a character in its own right, offering varying moods and tones set by its diverse environments. Picture a bedroom bathed in pastel perfection, inviting soft light that enhances the delicate hues of lavender and yellow—ideal for capturing high-fashion imagery or creating evocative lifestyle scenes. Transition to a dining space where minimalist elegance reigns supreme, characterized by rich blue walls and wooden textures, lighting that is as functional as it is beautiful—perfect for tabletop shoots or modeling sessions.

The adjoining kitchen, where modernity meets rustic authenticity, awaits to set the stage for your culinary shoots. With a commanding wooden countertop and an exposed brick backdrop, this kitchen is poised to become the heart of any story. Step into the living room, a space designed for both elegance and comfort, with generous natural light glowing on polished surfaces and lush greenery. Meanwhile, secluded areas draped in dark green hues create an atmosphere of intrigue and depth, ideal for photo essays or dramatic video sequences.

With each room radiating its unique charm, the Old Flax Farm holds the promise of versatility that few locations can match. Add to that the Spreewald's local color—a tapestry woven from the region's cultural heritage, scenic waterways, and a biosphere reserve that is nothing short of enchanting—and the result is a locale steeped in grandeur and simplicity alike.

Whether you capture the essence of the Spreewald in the blooming vivacity of spring and summer, the amber tones of autumn, or the hushed white stillness of winter, the Old Flax Farm provides a year-round haven for the creative spirit. With a cost of 160€ per hour, your investment in this exceptional and transcendent location is both reasonable and rewarding. Indulge in the atmosphere, history, and soul of the Old Flax Farm—where every scene tells a story, and every corner offers a discovery.

Book Now and bring your visual narrative to life in the inspiring embrace of the Old Flax Farm. From plush interiors that speak volumes without words, to the tranquil beauty of its verdant exteriors, this rare gem of Cottbus stands ready as the definitive canvas for your next creative masterpiece.

Discover the Charm of Social Studios Berlin: A Vintage Gem with Modern Flair

Welcome to Social Studios Berlin, where the past and present collide to offer a stunning venue for photo, video, and film productions. This historic 1901 building, situated on the scenic Paul-Lincke-Ufer, offers a wealth of creatively versatile spaces. The capacious main room is crowned with high ceilings and bathed in natural light, its spaciousness complemented by stately large windows, and a customizable interior that can accommodate a range of creative concepts.

Expansive Main Room with Adaptable Design

The central feature of Social Studios Berlin is its extensive main room that emanates an air of magnificence with its 3.60-meter high ceilings. Large window fronts not only frame views of the charming neighborhood outside but also let in a torrent of daylight that carves out warm, natural scenes—ideal for photographers seeking an authentic glow or filmmakers who desire that perfect shot in golden hour splendor.

Main room at Social Studios Berlin

Dedicated Areas Tailored to Creative Endeavors

The studio’s myriad specialized areas cater to a variety of needs. The dedicated sports area provides a unique setting for athletic productions, while the photo drop background is an adaptable space for themed shoots or brand activations. Replete with two beautifully appointed bedrooms that can double as dressing rooms and two walk-in closets, the studio ensures your production demands are met with elegance and efficiency.

Bedroom at Social Studios Berlin

Secluded Spaces for Focused Creativity

The allure of the studio continues into a covert gaming and production room, equipped for specialized tasks. This intimate space extends its potential to music production, podcast recordings, or as a tranquil holding area for on-screen talent.

Gaming/Production room at Social Studios Berlin

Convenience and Comfort Within Reach

Ensuring all-day comfort for your crew and talent, Social Studios Berlin features two well-maintained bathrooms. Between takes or during event intermissions, these private spaces provide a respite, freshening up and rejuvenating spirits for the next round of creativity.

Bathroom at Social Studios Berlin

Heart of Art and Culture: The Neighborhood

The highly sought-after studio not only offers a sublime space but also anchors you in a neighborhood brimming with cultural richness. The vibrant Paul-Lincke-Ufer is a picturesque tableau, fostering inspiration with its script of cafes, galleries, and design stores.

Be Prepared for Berlin’s Seasons

As the city bustles through the seasons, so does the ambience at Social Studios. Summer shoots can capitalize on the lengthy daylight while winter projects may indulge in the softer illumination and coziness which this studio encapsulates so well.

Book Now at Social Studios Berlin

Ready to harness the historical charm and modern function that Social Studios Berlin has to offer for your next artistic venture? Book now or contact us to ensure this multifaceted and inspirational location becomes the stage for your creativity.

Lounge area at Social Studios Berlin

Get an authentic Berlin experience in your productions without compromising on style or practicality, starting at just 200€ per hour. Craft, capture, create at the boutique Social Studios Berlin, a location that stands unparalleled in the heart of this vibrant city.

Open kitchen at Social Studios Berlin

Secure your spot at one of Berlin’s most sought-after studio spaces, and let Social Studios be the luxurious canvas for your next outstanding project.

Sports area at Social Studios Berlin

ZwoSpace Loft: Premier Photo & Film Studio in Berlin

Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of industrial elegance and modern sophistication at ZwoSpace Loft, Berlin's quintessential destination for creatives in search of the perfect shot. Spanning a magnanimous 200 square meters across three levels, this space is nothing short of a designer's dream, complete with panoramic windows and towering ceilings that stretch up to the gods at a height of 9 meters.

The Industrial-Chic Stage for Your Creative Vision

Whether it's the dazzling play of light or the sheer architectural audacity, ZwoSpace Loft taps into the zeitgeist of urban trends. Inside, white brick walls provide a stunning contrast against the sultry black steel stairs, while luxurious underfloor heating ensures your winter shoot proceeds without a shiver. The custom-designed kitchen boasts an understated extravagance with its sleek black cabinetry, contrasting with the warmth of solid wood furniture scattered thoughtfully throughout the loft.

And let's talk light – an artist's best friend. The loft's elegantly tall windows and skylights offer a canvas where the sun dances to highlight every frame. Industrial fixtures and exceptional furniture pieces from the finest selections allow you to compose scenes with unparalleled aesthetic flexibility.

The Snapshot Beyond: Exterior Perfection

Ascend beyond the interior allure, and you'll find outdoor terraces where cityscapes paint the horizon. Chase the perfect twilight for that golden hour shot or host an exclusive event under the open sky, all while overlooking the gentle flow of the Spree. Industrial yet pristine, the rooftop stage extends your narrative to encompass the very spirit of Berlin.

ZwoSpace Loft doesn't only capitalize on its beauty but also thrives in practicality. Achieving multiple looks without switching locations saves time, allowing creativity to flourish. So why not indulge in a sanctuary where modernity and convenience meet under one sublime roof?

Discover the Locale with a Creative Pulse

The surrounding streets of ZwoSpace Loft buzz with the vibrancy of Berlin's cultural heart. Here, the essence of the city breathes life into every shoot. Engaging with the locale, you can forge a storyline enriched by the city's dynamic character and historical depth.

Delve into Berlin's tapestry, from the urban grit to the lush, garden-topped buildings, all serving as a cumulative backdrop to your creative opus. The unique industrial signature of ZwoSpace Loft combined with its versatile environments make it a prime contender for your next production or event.

Weather the Scene

Plan your shoot accounting for the mood swings of Berlin's weather - whether it's the crispness of a winter morning or the languid air of a summer evening. ZwoSpace Loft keeps your vision alight all year round. No matter the season, the space remains a haven for creators seeking a ceaseless glow for their narrative.

Don't Just Imagine, Create!

Book Now and seize the opportunity to create within the industrial opulence of ZwoSpace Loft. With rates beginning at just 150€ an hour, translate your artistic ambitions into palpable scenes amidst lavish comfort and spellbinding aesthetics.

Got questions? We're here to help. Visit our listing page for more information and start picturing your project at ZwoSpace Loft - where dreams meet their material form.


Feast your eyes on the ZwoSpace Loft's allure:

Modern urban building with a dark facade and multiple large, black garage-style doors, suitable for industrial-themed photo shoots or film scenes.
ZwoSpace Loft Interior View
ZwoSpace Loft Foyer
ZwoSpace Loft Event Location
ZwoSpace Loft Foyer Mood

Brutalist & Minimalistic Outdoor Space at Lobe Block Berlin

Introducing a space that exudes contemporary charm and architectural bravado: the Rooftop Venue at Lobe Block Berlin. This 190m² terrace is more than just an open space; it's a minimalist canvas waiting for your vision to bring it to life. Perfect for photoshoots, video productions, and events, this venue boasts a 360-degree panoramic view of the city, captivating with an ever-changing skyline that will add a distinctive touch to any creative project or gathering you envision.

Surrounded by raw concrete and lush greenery, the Lobe Block Event Space captures the beauty of Berlin's contrast between nature and urban design. With the versatility of a truly multipurpose venue, any event from sunrise yoga sessions to golden-hour film shoots can find a home here.

Why Choose the Lobe Block Event Space?

One look at the open planes of the rooftop and the picture-perfect skyline, and you'll understand the appeal of this Brutalist gem. But it's not just about aesthetics; this space offers unparalleled flexibility. While the venue can be transformed with furniture options to suit your event, the default unfurnished state allows boundless innovation in layout and design, ensuring each project or production can achieve a personalized and fresh look.

Amenities like bathrooms ensure comfort for extended shoots or events, and the promise of sunlight bathing the terrace in a natural glow serves as an ideal lighting setup for photographers and filmmakers. Accents of wild botany add organic elements that contrast beautifully with the iron and concrete bones of the structure, providing a dynamic backdrop that's hard to find elsewhere.

Embrace the convenience of central Berlin's vibrant location, coupled with the seclusion that the height of the rooftop space offers. It's the perfect blend of access and privacy, offering a peaceful retreat from the bustling city below. Your event or production at Lobe Block Berlin is set to be an experience to remember.

Perfect Times to Book

While Berlin's climate is friendly for most of the year, we recommend scheduling your bookings from late spring to early fall to take full advantage of the warm sunshine and extended daylight. However, don't let winter's chill discourage you—the stark beauty of the space under a coat of snow can be equally enthralling for the right project.

Plan around Berlin's weather and imagine the creative potential the space offers in every season.

A Photoshoot and Event Locale Like No Other

If the thought of a flexible, sunlit, and modern venue excites you, then don’t hesitate. Book now to secure your spot at this remarkable rooftop space at Lobe Block Berlin. Whether for a photo session, film production, or a unique event, let this space enhance your creative endeavors.


Envision the potential for your event or production with a glimpse into past successes at the Lobe Block Berlin:

Lobe Block Berlin Rooftop Yoga Session
Lobe Block Berlin Rooftop View
Lobe Block Berlin Open Space
Lobe Block Berlin Event Setup
Lobe Block Berlin Creative Space

Experience the Space for Yourself

Your next great project awaits in the heart of Berlin. Learn more about Lobe Block Berlin's event space and how it can become the scene for your most memorable work.

LIANE 2: Bright Industrial Design Space in Berlin

When it comes to visual storytelling, the setting can be as impactful as the narrative itself. LIANE 2, a sunlit, plant-filled space within Berlin, awaits to enhance your creative process and encapsulate the essence of your vision with its inherent charm and versatility.

Centered in the bustling heart of Berlin, this 90sqm event space is perched on the third floor of an old industrial building, enveloped by ample sunlight. Its interiors boast a blend of industrial design aesthetics and nature’s touch, creating a bright, inspiring backdrop perfect for photo and video production.

An Atmospheric Haven for Creatives

The space flourishes with an array of plants, casting an aura of tranquility that fosters focus and creativity. Expansive windows not only shower the area with light but also provide a picturesque urban outlook. The dynamic lighting conditions, punctuated by rays of the morning and afternoon sun, offer a spectrum of moods to play with throughout the day.

The modular setup features five lightweight tables and twenty-five chairs, allowing you to redesign the space to your own requirements, whether it be for workshops, brand launches, or photo and video shoots. The minimalist decor provides a clean slate, ready to be tailored to reflect your unique vision.

LIANE 2 is well-appointed with modern conveniences: high-speed WIFI, a projector, motor screen, and a kitchen that's not just for show but ready for culinary exploration. The dual bathrooms equipped with showers underscore the functional comfort of the venue, encouraging immersive and extended creative sessions.

A Path to Sustainability

With each booking, LIANE 2 reinforces its eco-friendly ethos by donating 1% to meaningful projects, aligning your production with a message of sustainability and care for our world.

Access and Amenities

Accessibility is no afterthought here. Self-check-in provides flexibility while the close proximity to Berlin's rich cultural landscape offers convenience and inspiration. Catering to your culinary needs, the space offers organic and vegetarian options, provided notice is given.

Be Inspired by LIANE 2

Behind its metal gate and yellow brick facade, LIANE 2 is a stage set for innovation and originality. Discover more about this space, and explore how it can be the keystone for your next project. Book now or learn more about how LIANE 2 can cater to your production needs.

Visualize the Possibilities

Feast your eyes on these images capturing the essence of LIANE 2, and let your imagination roam free in this captivating space.

Bright, modern kitchen interior with eco-friendly design at LIANE 2
LIANE 2 Bright Industrial Space with Plants
LIANE 2 Open Space with Natural Light
LIANE 2 Cozy Area with Afternoon Sun
LIANE 2 Modern Chairs and Tables

Delve into the world of LIANE 2, where every corner breathes potential. To seize this opportunity for an impeccable production experience, contact us and secure your space in this sanctuary of light and creativity.

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