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24.4MP Flip screen Canon 760D + Battery Grip

Summary: Great for Portraits, landscape, event photography and video shoots. Photos are extremely sharp and sensor is great for large print as well. Multiple Focus points for many creative shooting styles. WIFI and NFC compatibility for shooting using mobile device to control device and direct transfer of images from camera to mobile hassle free. Very user friendly.

Canon 760D with Battery Grip, 3 Batteries for extended duration use & 32GB memory Card. Screen Flips out and rotates a whole 270°.

Still Specs: 24MP, 19 AF points, 3 AF modes, WIFI, ISO 12800

Shooting modes: Manual, Av, Tv, P, CA, A, SCN, No Flash, Portrait, Landscape, Macro & Sport.

Video Specs: 1080p @ 24, 29 & 30fps, 720p @ 60fps.

Works perfectly fine and has many editing modes.

Ersatzwert: 900
Marke: Canon EOS
Modell: 760D
Eintrag erfolgreich erstellt 29 Sep 2019

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