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Analog lenses combo

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I´m renting a few analog vintage lenses for 35 mm cameras or any SLR/mirrorless camera with the right adapter (the adapters for Fujifilm system of each lens would be included if needed)

- Tokina SD 70-210 mm f:4-5,6

- Zeiss Tessar 50mm f:2,8

- Meyer Optik Görlitz 30mm f:3,5

- Helios 44-2 55mm f:2

- Zuiko AutoW 35mm f:2,8

- Nikor 28mm f:3,5

- Revuenon Auto 50mm f:1,8

If you like one or few of them I can also sell it, just message me


Ersatzwert: 300
Marke: Zeiss/Zuiko/Nikkor/Tokina/Görlitz

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