Light Neewer 660 LED with carbon fiber tripod Rollei - Beazy

Light Neewer 660 LED with carbon fiber tripod Rollei

The two-color LED video light is specifically designed for photographers who shoot in the studio or make a video. It's solid, durable and with its high CRI, the LED video light can faithfully match the colors of different objects

LED beads: 660 pieces (330 white + 330 yellow)

Color temperature: 3200-5600K

Size: 23.2x20x4.8cm

Kit includes: (1) Bi-Color LED Video Light with Diffuser and Power Adapter + (2) 7.4V 2600mAh Replacement Li-ion Batteries + (1) USB Battery Charger NP-FM50 / FM70 / FM90, QM71D, 91D, NP -F500H / F55H + (1) carrying case and tripod

Double Power Solutions: Apart from the included AC adapter, the 2 PC replacement batteries and the charger can provide extra power when taking pictures, no need to worry about breaking the video light

Tripod Rollei City Travel XL

open 156 cm

close 42 cm

840 g.

Max 8 Kg.

Replacement Value: 320
Brand: Neewer Light, Rollei Tripod
Model: NL660, Rollei City Traveller XL