Large Studio Space in East Berlin - Beazy

Large Studio Space in East Berlin

Large studio space in Schoneweide - the total property is split into two main rooms, each one around 200sqm. Studio 1 also includes an office, Studio 2 includes the bar, chillout area, co-working zone and toilets. In Studio 2 it is possible to rig almost anything, including aerial equipment such as trapezes and ropes, or lighting equipment.

The studio is mainly a contemporary circus and dance training space, and both rooms have (black) dance marley on the floor. Studio 1 (170sqm) also has acrobatic matting as an underlayer, making it a perfect space for dance and music videos, or photoshoots for anything involving movement. Both studios have wide-access doors, meaning that it could even be possible to drive vehicles inside.

Generally speaking, we rent out for a minimum of one full day, but depending on the usage of the space, sometimes we can be flexible about this.

We have some lighting equipment of our own, as well as technicians to operate it, which can be discussed by private message here.

Please contact us for more information.