How to set talent price and get hired

Unlock Your Earning Potential with Beazy! To display your rates and the "Hire" button on your profile, simply log in to your Beazy account and follow these steps:

  • 1. Edit/Add Your Creative Talent: Showcase your unique skills and talents to captivate potential clients. Let them know what you bring to the table!
  • 2. Indicate Availability: Make sure to indicate that you're open to work. This way, clients will know you're ready to take on new projects and collaborations.
  • 3. Set Your Rates: Whether you prefer hourly, daily, or weekly rates, it's important to specify your desired compensation. Let clients know the value you bring to their projects.
  • 4. Specify Your Cancellation Policy: Establishing a clear cancellation policy helps ensure a smooth hiring process. Provide transparency and peace of mind for both you and your clients.

One vital step you shouldn't miss is updating your payment settings. This ensures that you receive hassle-free payments for your hard work. We've put together a comprehensive blog post that walks you through the process, making it clear and straightforward.