What are the Beazy rental policies?

Cancellation Policy

Rental cancellation fees and rules are imposed by the Owner of the listing. In the case that there isn’t a clear cancellation policy defined in the listing, renters will follow Beazy’s cancellation policy, which states that renters can cancel a rental request before it is accepted, more than 48 hours before the start date, or within 2 hours of the request being accepted, at which point the rental is fully refundable. If the renter cancels within 48 hours of the rental pick-up/booking date, they will receive a 50% refund. If the renter cancels within 24 hours of the rental pick-up/booking date, the rental is non-refundable. It is the users’ obligation to follow up on the communication related to the transaction and when this does not happen Beazy has the right to intervene.

Rental Pick-up & Drop-off Times

Unless both the renter and the supplier agree, in writing on the transaction conversation, to another time and schedule, Beazy suggests that renters must pick up the rented items from 2 PM on the rental pick-up day and return equipment by 2 PM on the drop-off day; Late rental drop-off fees may apply if any item is returned later than the agreed-upon date and time.

Late Rental Drop-off Fees

Rentals dropped off after 2 PM on the drop-off day, or after the previously agreed upon time, are subject to a late drop-off fee that equals a one-day rental fee for the Listing. The renter must pay any late drop-off fee, which will be charged every 24 hours after the late drop-off until the rental is returned to the supplier. Late rental drop-off fees are imposed at the supplier’s discretion. For location rentals, the extra time spent on location will be charged accordingly and at the supplier’s discretion.

Transacting out of Beazy

Any efforts to move rentals or sales initiated on Beazy off-site to avoid fees are strictly prohibited and will result in account suspension or termination. Furthermore, any transaction initiated on Beazy and completed off-site will not be covered by any of Beazy's policies or protections. Perpetuating this conduct, and intentionally sharing contact information to allow it, promotes the implementation of stricter regulations on the platform which impacts all users. 🤗