What should I do if my rental object is not returned

Try to reach out to the other party and report the delay to Beazy by disputing the transaction and contacting us via email at support@beazy.co.

We recommend giving the renter the chance to justify themselves. Since the rental object is not returned on time, they will incur additional costs. Refer to Beazy rental policies for more information. According to our terms:

6.4.4 Delayed return

The provision of § 545 BGB (German Civil Code)  shall expressly not apply. If the customer does not return the rental object to you after the expiry of the agreed period of use or does not return it to you at the agreed time, you shall be entitled to demand a usage fee in the amount of the agreed rent for the period of retention exceeding the term of the contract. Any further claims for damages on your part shall remain unaffected. An extension of the rental period is only possible with your express consent in text form. The right to use the rental object shall only extend to the agreed period of use. Continuation of use after the expiry of the rental period shall not in principle lead to an extension of the rental agreement even without express objection by you."

If there is no resolving attitude within 24 hours, move forward with the procedure to guarantee that your insurance covers the loss and file charges with the police. Beazy will provide all the necessary documentation to support your claim should it be deemed necessary and requested by the authorities handling your claim.