Bombinate - Product Lifestyle Photoshoot

Photo of a male model wearing a cute t-shirt.
Services/Creatives needed:
  • Location
  • Models
  • Photographer
  • Set designer
  • Make-up artist
  • Project manager
Project goals

Bombinate wanted to create branded lifestyle assets for 3 different brands in their marketplace. They needed professional photos to be used in their Product Display Page (PDP),Brand Page, Social Channels and also Advertisements. 

The brief
  • 2-3 lifestyle photos
  • 1 clothing brand
  • 1 footwear brand
  • 1 accessories brand
  • 1 Location (multiple scenes)
  • Half day shooting
  • 4-5 Looks with 3-4 shots, 15-20 final images
  • Color: neutral, warm tones
  • Style: Mediterranean with classic trousers and shorts and linen shirts. Light polos and t-shirts.
  • Pose: Candid
Beazy's work

To create the images in the style they wanted we needed a few creatives. For the scope of this project we needed one photographer and two male models to be in front of the camera. We also needed a makeup artist to make the models look their best in the pictures. Moreover, in order to ensure a professional look not only for the products but also the ambiance around it, we had a stylist to pay attention to all the details. Besides the creatives we also needed a location which had multiple rooms/ambients in order to create different styles without having to move to another location since we had just a half day shooting schedule.

The results

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