Services/Creatives needed:

Taxfix needed help to find a filmmaker who could shoot an Educational Video to teach their audience about changes in taxes during Corona. Due to the time-sensitivity of the topic, they needed the whole process to happen as quickly as possible. Fortunately, we were able to find a location, the necessary lighting equipment, and a filmmaker for their project in less than a week's time.

Project goals

Produce 1 Educational Video for their Video Marketing Stategy

The brief

Taxfix came to us with a pretty good idea of what they wanted. With a lot of the pre-production process already done, they needed a filmmaker who could provide a 2 camera setup for a talking head video. The video would consist of mainly two scenes. One with just the talent talking to the camera with 2 different angles (Close-up and MCU) and another scene with enough blank space in the frame for motion graphics.

Beazy's work

We could help Taxfix to find a Filmmaker and the Location for the shooting.

The results

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