Amsterdam Roasters - Promotional Video and Photos

Photo of hands adding cream to a coffee
Services/Creatives needed:
  • Photographer
  • Filmmaker
  • Project Management
Project goals
  • 1 Promotional Video
  • Variety of High Quality Images to use as Marketing material
  • Standalone interview as extra pieces of content from the promotional video
The brief

The Amsterdam Roasters team needed help producing content for their marketing strategy. They needed photos that showcased both the facilities of the venue, members of the collective working, and also some team photos. Other than that they wanted to have a promotional video explaining what was Amsterdam Roasters and what members enjoyed about it. The video would be based on interviews with the members and b-roll as supporting footage. All the work should be done in one production day.

Beazy's work

Beazy helped finding a photographer and a filmmaker that could work not only as individuals but also as team since there was the limitation of a single day for producing both photo and video content. With the talents selected we also helped to create a shoot plan, timetable and call sheet in order to make sure there was enough time to capture all the content needed.

The results

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