Delivery Hero - Sustainable Food Packages Photoshoot

Photoshoot for food delivery brand. Sustainable packages for burgers, fries, ramen, food surrounded by food and props.
Services/Creatives needed:
  • Photographer
  • Location
  • Project Management
Project goals

For their internal marketing material, Delivery Hero needed product and mood shots of their new sustainable packaging featuring their wide range of local brands. With 5 different brands and 5 different packaging types, it meant shooting over 70 high quality images to showcase the whole range of products.

The brief

In this project, the brief was more like presenting the pre-planning they already had. When they came to us they already had a Shot List and knew exactly what results they were looking for. Therefore our job was to find the fitting photographer and location that would fit their budget and deadlines.

Beazy's work

Beazy helped with the whole management part of the project. We made a pre-selection of talents and location that would fit the proposed scheduled and Delivery Hero just needed to pick the Photographer they liked the most and we were off to booking the location, preparing all the props needed for the mood shot. After the shoot, we made sure the deliverables were ready in time and that they got everything they need from the Photographer.

The results

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