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Before coming to Beazy Ugo did try to find the photographer, location and set designer by researching online. Realising that it would be harder and more time-demanding than he expected, he decided to try out doing a project with Beazy. With our project management service all he had to do is to pick the location, photographer and set designer he liked most, ship the products and let us take care of the rest.

Project goals

Hero product shot for website and Mood shots of 3 dif sized tables

The brief

Ugo needed photos to showcase his products in a context which they would be used. When you are selling a piece of furniture it is not only about how the product look by itself, but also how it goes with th e other items in the ambient.

Beazy's work

After our first contact and the brief on what he wanted to achieve we posted the projects in our platform and did all the pre-selection of locations and creatives we thought would fit the brief. After UGO's decision our project manager took over and made sure everything run smoothly. The photoshoot was booked and in a matter of days we could deliver on the Product Lifestyle pictures UGO needed.

The results

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