Berliner Bags - Product Lifestyle Video

Gif of a man standing in front of the U-bahn in Berlin, Germany, carrying a backpack
Services/Creatives needed:
  • Filmmaker
  • Actor
  • Project Management
Project goals

Produce a short 1 minute Product Lifestyle video of a specific backpack.

The brief

The Berliner Bags team needed a video that showcased their Harlem bag as an everyday backpack. They wanted to convey the message that the bag could be used in many different situations in ones daily routine. In the video they wanted to use some trendy social media video transitions such as match cuts and invisible cuts. They also wanted the video to represent Berlin and have some recognisable places in it. They provided us with references and a moodboard.

Beazy's work

Beazy helped by finding the filmmaker and actor that would fit the style of video and budget they wanted. We did a pre-selection of candidates and they picked the ones they liked most. After that we also helped with the video concept and picking the locations the video would be shot in, which were all public locations in this case.

The results

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