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How to hire on Beazy

Post a project, for free

Create a detailed description of your project. Add opportunities for each of your creative, location, and equipment needs and publish your project.

Receive proposals

Once your project is up, our creatives are able to propose a collaboration. Get to know their work and choose the best fit for your project.

Review and pay

Review your options and book everything with the click of a button. The payment will be on hold and, as soon as the project is done, it's sent to each collaborator.

Plan and shoot

With the dream team assembled, use our project management tools to organize your tasks, budget, and files, create a mood board and shot lists, and much more.

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Your all-in-one toolkit to work as a creative

Use Beazy to plan, produce & deliver content, from start to finish. One workspace, for you and your team.
Share files, keep track of your contacts, cast models & scout locations, organise your bookkeeping and more.
Manage your files

Share media galleries with clients and colleagues and collaborate online, use flags to mark file statuses, track collaborator's activities, and download the final images in different aspect ratios.

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Manage your contacts

Keep track of your contacts, all in one place. Build a database of locations, companies and creatives with all the information you need.

Manage your schedule

Use a production calendar to keep track of your projects. Share your calendar with your team in order to review events and milestones for each project.

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Mockup of a casting tool to select the right models, photographers and actors for upcoming production
Easy castings and location scouting

Use the online tools to cast the right models and scout locations. Add the relevant information and keep track of their availabilities.

Easy bookkeeping

Create invoices, and receive payments directly through Beazy. Keep track of your budgets, payments and receipts.

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