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We have all once wondered if our only option is to be part of the consumerist society. If the only way to live is by progressively destroying our environment, tearing people apart and wasting money and space.

Here, at Beazy, we believe that things can be done differently. We believe that sharing has the power to give us all a chance to build a new way to consume. A chance to see ownership as unnecessary, a chance to unite communities all over the world, a chance to make all of our moves and acts more efficient, and a chance for anyone to earn money by sharing.

Why photography gear?
Both Julia and Jonas are passionate about it, the big problem we encountered is the high price of equipment, we couldn’t afford to buy what we wanted. But once we actually got the new lens we had been waiting for for so long the other ones often end up catching dust. 

Our goal is to connect photographers and enable them to share.

Join us and get Beazy, consuming differently!