AXA XL insures every transaction on Beazy up to 30'000€

We got your back!

Safe equipment rentals and location bookings

Whether it is your drone, your very first DSLR camera or your latest zoom lens, we know how valuable your gear is to you.
At Beazy, having your equipment and location safe at anytime is our priority, and therefore, providing insurance for rentals is key!
In order to reach this goal while giving our users the opportunity to rent equipment and locations to and from local creatives, we wanted to offer the best coverage to our community.
Thanks to our partner and leading commercial insurance provider, AXA XL Insurance*, we cover renter, borrower, location and item during each transaction up to €30.000.

* AXA XL is a division of AXA Group that provides products and services through four business groups: ​AXA XL Insurance, AXA XL Reinsurance, AXA XL Art & Lifestyle and AXA XL Risk Consulting. ​AXA, the AXA and XL logos are trademarks of AXA SA or its affiliates © 2020 AXA SA or its affiliates. ​
Camera Beazy is fast and easy

Automatic Insurance

Whenever a transaction is made through Beazy and the payment is processed on the platform, the rental is instantly insured.

Make money safely sharing your space as a photo studio with Beazy

No additional costs

The insurance costs are included in Beazy's transaction fee. You don't have to pay anything extra to benefit from the insurance coverage.

Get insured while renting your home for photoshoots and movie locations

Liability coverage

The coverage also applies to bodily injury or property damages for which the lender or borrower is liable under statutory provisions.

Beazy Team is always available to help you out!

24 hours delay to claim

If anything happens during a rental, you have up to 24 hours after the rental period to make a claim.

Make a claim

Despite all precautions taken, your equipment or location has been mishandled or damaged? We've got your back !  ​
Send an email signed with your name and username with the subject ” Beazy – Insurance Claim ”  to

Start sharing your camera gear

List your equipment for rent

Sign up, create a listing for your camera gear, add quality photos, fix your pricing, and start sharing!

Fast and easy

User friendly

How can I fix the price?


When sharing your camera gear, you are free to choose! We strongly recommend looking at the pricing of similar items on Beazy and positioning yourself from there. Don’t worry, you can change this at any time.

Do I have to give my exact address?


You do not need to give your exact address as a postal code is enough when creating a listing.

Get your first requests

Accept, decline, or ask for more details through our messaging tool for each booking request you get.

Instant insurance

You're in control

Can I chose whom I rent my gear to?


When sharing your camera gear, you are free to fix your own price, package multiple items together and accept or decline any requests as you see fit.

Do I have to pay for the insurance?


No, the insurance is included in Beazy's commission fee. The coverage up to €30'000 applies to bodily injury or property damages for which the lender or borrower is liable under statutory provisions. Our policy covers all rented items, except vehicles and drones heavier than 5 kg. You can find more information here.

Earn an extra income  

Receive the payment directly in your bank account once the transaction is marked as completed by both parties.

Safe & secure

Earn money easily

How much money can I earn?


The monthly amount you can earn depends on the value of your camera gear, the rental price you fixed, and how often it is available. You could earn anything from 50€ to over 2’000€ per month.

When do I receive the payment?


You receive the payment for sharing your camera gear 3 to 5 business days after the order has been marked as completed by both parties involved.