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Spacious Loft in Neukölln

Our classy event loft includes a 30 sqm custom-made bar area, made from the finest materials such as copper and solid wood and is tastefully illuminated by handmade oak lamps. The floor is made of a freshly cast high quality screed. The light system consists of 80 meters of ERCO rails with up to 30 dimmable lights and spot-lights for various atmospheres and the surround sound system is completely adjusted to the loft. The large windows guarantee bright daylight throughout the day and designer furniture and palm trees provide the room with a luxurious touch.

Through the use of our curtain- and separating walls we can create up to eight different areas within our loft. This modular system is one of the features that our clients highly appreciate, as it allows for a creative and personalised use of the space. Moreover, the loft has two side-rooms that can be used for dressing, make-up and back-office. And last but certainly not least, our 500 sqm rooftop, with a view over the south of Neukölln, can be used for photo and video shoots as well.

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