Spacious industrial-style interior with white columns and concrete floors, suitable for photo shoots and film productions, featuring high ceilings with exposed piping and fluorescent lighting, and a large white door on the left; natural light from windows with a view of urban exterior partially visible.

Discover the Industrial Charm of Berlin Schöneberg's Spacious Photo/Video Location

Welcome to a hidden gem nestled in the vibrant district of Schöneberg, Berlin. This expansive 300m2 space offers a unique blend of industrial flair and minimalist design, perfect for creators and visionaries looking to bring their artistic concepts to life. With its open and bright layout, this location is an ideal canvas for photo shoots, film productions, and creative events.

Architectural Elegance Meets Industrial Aesthetics

The first thing you'll notice upon entering this vast space is the sense of openness and freedom it provides. The high ceilings, supported by robust, white-painted columns, create an atmosphere of grandeur and possibility. Exposed pipes and ducts crisscross the ceiling, offering an industrial aesthetic that can add a layer of visual interest to any project.

The untreated concrete floors contribute to the rawness and authenticity of the location, providing a textural contrast to the smooth, white walls. This juxtaposition of materials not only enhances the visual appeal but also offers a variety of backdrops for different creative needs.

Industrial-style indoor area with high ceilings and white columns

Luminous Interplay of Light and Space

Lighting is a crucial element in visual storytelling, and this location boasts an abundance of it. Fluorescent fixtures provide a consistent overhead light source, while the large window fronts invite a flood of natural light, creating a dynamic interplay of shadows and highlights throughout the day.

The white walls serve as natural reflectors, ensuring that light is distributed evenly across the space. This feature is particularly beneficial for photographers and filmmakers who require balanced lighting for their shoots.

Large windows allowing natural light into the space

A Neutral Palette for Unlimited Creativity

The color scheme of the location is intentionally neutral, with white walls and ceilings offset by the grey concrete flooring. This blank canvas is ideal for set designers and directors who wish to create their own world within the space. The variety of textures, from the smooth painted surfaces to the rough concrete, adds depth and character to any visual narrative.

Accessibility and Versatile Layout

Accessibility is a breeze, with a large entrance door that simplifies the logistics of moving equipment and crew in and out. The layout is versatile, providing ample room for custom staging or leaving the area open for more expansive shots. The absence of permanent fixtures on the walls or floors offers unparalleled flexibility in design and staging, making it suitable for a wide range of creative endeavors.

Spacious layout with versatile staging options

Endless Possibilities for Production and Events

Whether you're looking to host a fashion shoot, capture stunning product photography, create an evocative music video, or set the scene for a short film, this location is equipped to accommodate your artistic vision. Its adaptability also makes it an excellent choice for workshops, rehearsals, or even as a pop-up gallery space.

Minimal Furnishings for Maximum Potential

The space currently houses minimal furnishings, including a table with four red chairs, emphasizing its malleable nature. This allows you to bring in your own props, backdrops, and furniture to tailor the environment to your specific thematic needs.

The Blank Slate You've Been Searching For

The stark, clean ambience of this location is its greatest asset for those seeking a neutral background that doesn't overshadow the subject matter. It's a blank slate waiting for set designers to transform it into whatever world their project requires.

Neutral background with industrial charm

The Heart of Schöneberg

Located in the culturally rich and historically significant district of Schöneberg, this space is more than just a location; it's a part of Berlin's vibrant history. Schöneberg is known for its diverse community, bustling markets, and a lively arts scene. When you step outside, you're immersed in a neighborhood brimming with creativity and inspiration, providing endless opportunities for off-site shooting and exploration.

Local Weather and Best Times to Visit

Berlin's weather can be quite variable, with distinct seasons offering different moods for your production. The large windows in this space make it particularly appealing during the golden hours of spring and summer, while the overhead lighting ensures that even during the greyer days of autumn and winter, your project can shine. It's recommended to book in advance for the warmer months, as the natural light during this time is especially coveted by creators.

Ready to Make Your Vision a Reality?

If you're intrigued by the potential of this Schöneberg space, don't hesitate to Book Now or Contact for More Information. Our team is ready to assist you in making your creative project a success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of equipment is included in the rental?
    The space is provided as a blank canvas, allowing you to bring in your own equipment. However, basic lighting is available for use.
  • Can I visit the location before booking?
    Yes, site visits can be arranged by appointment. Please contact us to schedule a viewing.
  • Are there any restrictions on the type of production that can take place here?
    The space is versatile and can accommodate a wide range of productions. However, we ask that you respect the space and leave it as you found it.
  • Is there parking available?
    Street parking is available in the surrounding area, but please be mindful of local parking regulations.

How Does This Space Compare?

When compared to similar options in Berlin, this Schöneberg location stands out for its sheer size, industrial charm, and the abundance of natural light. Its flexibility and neutrality are unmatched, providing a superior choice for those who require a customizable and spacious environment for their creative projects.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this space offers the perfect backdrop for your next photo or video project. Don't miss out on the opportunity to work in one of Berlin's most sought-after locations. Book your spot today!


Berlin Schöneberg 300m2 Studio for Photo & Film Productions

Spacious 300m2 industrial-style studio with high ceilings, white walls, and large windows for natural light. Untreated concrete floor adds character. Includes toilet, storage, and is ideal for flexible set design and various production types.
Berlin, Germany
100€ per hour