Bright and airy living room with large windows, elegant white crown molding, and herringbone parquet flooring, ideal for photo shoots or film scenes requiring a classic and sophisticated interior setting. The room is furnished with a mix of modern and mid-century furniture, including a white sofa, gray armchair, wooden coffee table, and various indoor plants, creating a welcoming and lived-in atmosphere.

Welcome to the ALTBAUTRAUM: A Fusion of Classic Elegance and Modern Design

Discover the enchanting ALTBAUTRAUM, an exquisite 3-room flat that offers a harmonious blend of classic architecture and contemporary style. This newly renovated space is a treasure trove of design elements, perfect for photographers and videographers seeking a versatile and visually stunning environment. With its spacious rooms, abundant natural light, and a mix of modern and vintage furnishings, ALTBAUTRAUM is the ideal canvas for your next photo or video project.

Elegant Living Room with Blue Sofa and Natural Light

Location Features

Living Room Brilliance

The living room is a masterpiece of design, boasting a neutral color palette that is both calming and sophisticated. The statement blue sofa acts as a vibrant centerpiece, surrounded by contemporary rugs and an eclectic mix of rattan and designer chairs. This room is not just a living space; it's an artful expression that awaits your creative touch. The decorative fireplace and chic bamboo pendant lighting add layers of texture and warmth, making it an ideal setting for lifestyle shoots that require a touch of elegance.

Living Room with Fireplace and Designer Furniture

Dining Area Elegance

Step into the dining area, where classic charm meets modern aesthetics. A traditional dining table rests upon an ornate rug, illuminated by a modern overhead light fixture. The large window bathes the room in soft, natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere for formal dining scenes or intimate gatherings.

Classic Dining Area with Natural Light

Workspace Serenity

The minimalist desk setup near a large window offers a serene workspace that can double as a backdrop for productivity or technology-themed shoots. The simplicity of the design allows for easy customization, enabling you to craft the perfect scene for your narrative.

Minimalist Workspace by Window

Bedroom and Additional Rooms

Each room in ALTBAUTRAUM presents a different layout and decoration style, from the cozy bedroom to the alternative living/sitting room. These additional spaces provide a wealth of options for staging various scenes, ensuring that every shot is unique and captivating.

Cozy Bedroom with Stylish Decor

Neighborhood, Area, and City Insights

ALTBAUTRAUM is nestled in a neighborhood that is rich in culture and history. The area around the flat is a delightful blend of traditional charm and modern amenities, offering an array of cafes, boutiques, and galleries. The city itself is a hub of creativity and innovation, making it an inspiring backdrop for any creative endeavor.

Local Weather and Conditions

The local weather patterns provide a variety of lighting conditions throughout the year. The best visiting times are during the spring and summer months when the days are longer and the natural light is at its peak. However, the large windows in ALTBAUTRAUM ensure ample light even during the shorter days of autumn and winter, making it a year-round location for your projects.

Book Your Next Shoot at ALTBAUTRAUM

Don't miss the opportunity to capture the essence of beauty and sophistication at ALTBAUTRAUM. Whether you're creating lifestyle content, interior design showcases, or fashion editorials, this location offers the perfect setting. Book now and let your creativity flourish in this extraordinary space.

FAQ Section

What type of equipment is available at the location?

While the flat comes unfurnished regarding photographic equipment, its spacious rooms and natural light make it suitable for a variety of setups. You are welcome to bring your own equipment to tailor the space to your specific needs.

Can the furniture be rearranged for shoots?

Yes, the furniture within the flat can be rearranged to suit the requirements of your shoot. We ask that you handle all items with care and return them to their original positions afterward.

Is there parking available nearby?

There is street parking available in the neighborhood, as well as nearby parking garages for your convenience.

Are there any restrictions on the type of content that can be created?

We welcome a diverse range of creative projects but ask that all content produced at ALTBAUTRAUM respects the space and adheres to local regulations and guidelines.

Location Comparison

ALTBAUTRAUM stands out among similar options for its impeccable blend of historical architecture and modern interior design. The high ceilings, detailed plasterwork, and pristine wooden parquet flooring set it apart from other locations, offering a unique and photogenic environment. Its versatility and abundant natural light make it a superior choice for a wide range of photographic and videographic needs.

Ready to bring your vision to life in a space that exudes charm and elegance? Contact us for more information or to schedule your visit to ALTBAUTRAUM today!


Renovated Photo & Film Studio in Classic Modern Flat

Spacious, newly renovated apartment with a blend of classic and contemporary design, ideal for photo/video shoots. Features natural light, high ceilings, versatile furniture, and wooden floors. Includes a stylish living room, formal dining area, and various thematic rooms for diverse visual narratives.
Berlin, Germany
100€ per hour