Bright minimalist interior with a layered daybed, wooden floors, and white walls adorned with unique branch art installation and a series of black and white photos. Ideal for modern lifestyle scenes or serene living space settings in photo and film productions.

Discover the Quintessence of Berlin Living: A Designer Flat with a Creative Twist

Welcome to a space where creativity breathes and every corner tells a story. Nestled on the 4th floor of a classic Berlin building, this cozy and bright flat is more than just a living space—it's a canvas for photographers, filmmakers, and content creators seeking an authentic Berlin vibe with a designer touch.

Interior Design and Ambiance

As you step into the living room, you are greeted by the quintessential Berlin room layout, complete with a large window that bathes the space in natural light. The room's ambiance is a testament to the meticulous design skills of an interior and product designer who has not only curated the space but also handcrafted most of the furniture. The predominant palette of white, accented with hints of old rose and blue, creates a serene and inviting atmosphere.

The materials chosen—light wood, white textiles, and an array of plants—contribute to the flat's airy and luminous feel. The thoughtful placement of each item and the attention to small details make this location ideal for shoots that require a setting with character and elegance.

Whether you're looking to capture the essence of a modern urban dwelling or need a backdrop for a lifestyle shoot, this flat offers the perfect blend of style and functionality. With ample space to craft your narrative, this location is a playground for the imaginative.

Neighborhood, Area, and City Insights

Located in the heart of Berlin, the flat is surrounded by the city's rich cultural tapestry and historical depth. The neighborhood is a melting pot of art, cuisine, and history, offering endless opportunities for exploration and inspiration. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, the area serves as a microcosm of Berlin's diverse and dynamic spirit.

As you wander the streets, you'll encounter a vibrant community that celebrates both tradition and innovation. The local cafes, boutiques, and galleries are a testament to the city's creative pulse, making it an ideal setting for projects that aim to capture the essence of contemporary urban life.

Local Weather and Conditions

With its continental climate, Berlin experiences a full range of seasons, each offering a unique backdrop for your creative endeavors. The flat's large window ensures a steady stream of natural light, making it a versatile location regardless of the time of year.

Spring and summer bring longer days and lush greenery, ideal for shoots that require a vibrant and fresh look. Autumn casts a warm, golden hue, perfect for creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Winter, with its soft, diffused light, offers a serene and contemplative mood. It's advisable to book your session considering the seasonal nuances to achieve the desired aesthetic for your project.

Book Your Creative Haven Today

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of equipment is available at the location?
    While the flat comes unfurnished with equipment, its spacious layout and natural light make it suitable for a range of setups. You are welcome to bring your own equipment to tailor the space to your needs.
  • Can the furniture be moved during the shoot?
    Yes, the self-designed furniture can be rearranged to suit your project's requirements. However, we ask that you handle all items with care and return them to their original position after the shoot.
  • Is the location available for evening or night shoots?
    Yes, the flat is available for booking during the evening and night. Please specify your preferred time when making an inquiry.
  • Are there any restrictions on the type of content that can be created?
    We welcome a diverse range of creative projects but request that all content adheres to legal and ethical standards. Please discuss your project with us in advance.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to similar photo and video locations in Berlin, this designer flat stands out for its unique blend of handcrafted furniture, thoughtful interior design, and optimal lighting conditions. The space offers a distinct aesthetic that is both modern and timeless, providing a versatile backdrop for a variety of creative projects. Its central location in the city also adds to its appeal, offering convenience and a taste of the local culture.

With a high rating for its charm, functionality, and accessibility, this flat is a top choice for creators looking for a location with personality and flair.

Visual Tour of the Space

Immerse yourself in the beauty and detail of this designer flat through the images below. Each photo captures the essence of the space, providing a glimpse into the potential it holds for your next project.

Designer Living Room with Large Window Handcrafted Furniture and Textile Detail Bright and Airy Interior with Plants

Envision your story unfolding within these walls and let the space elevate your creative work. With its harmonious design and luminous atmosphere, this flat is not just a location—it's a source of inspiration.

Don't miss the opportunity to create in a space that embodies the spirit of Berlin. Book your spot today and let your creativity soar in this designer haven.


Berlin Designer Flat for Photo & Film Location Scouting

Bright, 4th-floor Berlin flat with a classic layout, large window, and custom furniture. White, old rose, and blue hues, light wood, and plants create a serene ambiance. Ideal for set-design with a designer's touch. Contact for details.
Berlin, Germany
85€ per hour