Bright and modern interior space ideal for photo and film productions, featuring a herringbone parquet floor leading into a living room with a white brick fireplace and stacked firewood. The room is adorned with minimalist decor, including a framed abstract artwork, a vintage-style chair, and indoor plants adding a touch of greenery. Natural light floods the space through skylights, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. A sleek, yellow console table with a stylish dome lamp is positioned in the foreground, enhancing the contemporary aesthetic of the location.

Welcome to Your Dream Photo/Video Location in the Heart of Charlottenburg

Discover an oasis of natural light and modern design with our exclusive penthouse apartment, a gem nestled in the vibrant district of Charlottenburg. This fifth-floor sanctuary, accessible through a classic Berliner front building, offers a treasure trove of features that make it the perfect backdrop for your next creative project. With skylights and dual terraces facing south-east and north-west, the apartment is bathed in daylight, providing an ever-changing canvas of illumination.

Embrace the elegance of simplicity and the warmth of natural materials as you explore the lovingly furnished spaces, adorned with design classics and vintage finds. The open kitchen, the heart of the home, invites you to capture the essence of culinary artistry or the casual comfort of intimate conversations.

Let's dive into the unique features that make this location an unparalleled choice for photographers, videographers, and creatives seeking the perfect setting.

Interior Highlights

The main living area, with its herringbone parquet wood floor, is a testament to timeless style and functionality. The natural light reflecting off the floor enhances the visual appeal, creating an inviting atmosphere for a wide range of shoots. The fully functional open fireplace, surrounded by white bricks, stands as a striking centerpiece, offering a sense of warmth and sophistication.

The kitchen, a sleek composition of white countertops, light wood cabinetry, and state-of-the-art appliances, centers around an inviting island with barstools. It's an ideal spot for showcasing culinary skills or hosting casual dialogues. The adjacent dining area, with its large wooden table and access to an outside view, provides a versatile space for scenes of communal meals, creative brainstorming, or serene moments of solitude.

In the bedroom, the pitched roof with integrated lighting and minimalist decor creates a tranquil retreat, perfect for scenes requiring intimacy and tranquility. The bathroom, with its modern amenities, large bathtub, and wooden double vanity, offers a luxurious setting for beauty routines or wellness-focused content.

Neighborhood and Area

Charlottenburg is a district steeped in history and culture, renowned for its architectural beauty, upscale shopping, and proximity to iconic landmarks such as the Charlottenburg Palace. The neighborhood exudes a blend of historical charm and contemporary vibrancy, making it an ideal location for those seeking a touch of Berlin's rich heritage alongside modern amenities.

Stroll through the picturesque streets, take in the local art scene, or dine at one of the many exquisite restaurants. The area's diverse cultural tapestry provides endless opportunities for off-site inspiration and exploration, ensuring that your project is infused with the authentic spirit of Berlin.

Local Weather and Conditions

With a temperate climate, Berlin offers a variety of seasonal backdrops for your shoots. The penthouse's abundant natural light makes it particularly appealing during the spring and summer months when the sun graces the apartment with a golden hue. However, the cozy fireplace and intimate indoor settings also make it a desirable location for autumn and winter projects, providing a warm escape from the chilly Berlin air.

For optimal planning, consider the changing light throughout the day and year, and schedule your shoot accordingly to capture the desired mood and ambiance.

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FAQ Section

What type of equipment is recommended for shooting in this location?

Due to the ample natural light, we recommend using reflectors to harness the light effectively. For evening shoots, softbox lights can complement the fireplace's glow. A tripod is also advisable for stability during longer exposures or video takes.

Can the furniture and decor be rearranged?

Yes, the furniture and decorative elements can be rearranged with care. We ask that you return all items to their original position at the end of your booking.

Is the fireplace functional, and can it be used during the shoot?

Yes, the open fireplace is fully functional and can be used to add warmth and ambiance to your scenes. Please follow all safety guidelines when operating it.

Are there any restrictions on the type of content that can be produced here?

We welcome a diverse range of creative projects but ask that all content produced respects the integrity of the space and adheres to legal and ethical standards.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to similar photo and video shoot locations, our Charlottenburg penthouse stands out with its unique blend of natural light, modern design, and versatile spaces. The dual terraces and skylights offer lighting opportunities that are rare in urban settings, while the tasteful decor provides an elegant canvas for a variety of themes and narratives.

The location's cultural and historical context within the Charlottenburg neighborhood adds depth and authenticity to your projects, making it a superior choice for those seeking more than just a beautiful space, but a story-rich environment.

Visual Journey

Immerse yourself in the beauty of our location through the curated selection of images that capture its essence. Click on the images to envision your next project taking shape within these walls.

Bright living area with natural light Modern kitchen with island Cozy bedroom with pitched roof Elegant dining area with large table Living area with open fireplace

Don't miss the opportunity to create in a space that offers both beauty and functionality. Contact us for more information or to schedule your visit. We look forward to being a part of your creative journey.


Charlottenburg Penthouse Studio for Photo & Video Shoots

Bright, modern 5th-floor penthouse in Charlottenburg with skylights, terraces, and a functional fireplace. Ideal for lifestyle shoots, featuring a light-toned open kitchen, design classics, and a cozy, well-lit living space. No elevator access. Perfect for varied photo/video scenes.
Berlin, Germany
120€ per hour