Bright and airy Scandinavian-style living room with natural light, perfect for photo and film shoots. Features include hardwood floors, white walls, large windows with white curtains, and an assortment of green potted plants adding a touch of nature. The room is furnished with a modern gray sofa, wooden coffee table, and side tables, accompanied by a minimalist black floor clock and white storage cabinets. The space is accented with a geometric-patterned gray area rug, creating a cozy yet sophisticated setting. Ideal for lifestyle scenes or product placements that require a clean, contemporary backdrop.

Welcome to a Designer's Dream: A Luminous Berlin Haven for Creatives

Discover the epitome of urban chic in the heart of Berlin, where design meets comfort in a symphony of light, space, and modern aesthetics. This is not just a space; it's a canvas for your imagination, a place where every corner tells a story, and every detail ignites inspiration. Welcome to the home of a designer and an architect, a sanctuary of creativity that awaits your next photo or video project.

Explore the Allure of Each Room

The essence of this location lies in its ability to transform before your lens. The living room, with its wooden floors and grand old windows, offers a serene backdrop for lifestyle shoots, while the large kitchen serves as a playground for culinary storytelling. The hallway whispers tales of transitions, and the extra-large bathroom provides a private oasis of calm.

Perched on the fourth floor of a charming Berlin building (please note, there is no elevator), the apartment basks in sunlight from dawn till dusk. The sun's journey from the kitchen to the living room ensures a golden glow throughout the day, perfect for capturing the subtle interplay of light and shadow. And for those moments when softer light is desired, the white cotton and linen curtains in three of the rooms offer the perfect solution.

Furnished with an eye for design classics and vintage gems, the space is a treasure trove of visual delights. From the 140-170 sofa beds ideal for cozy bed shoots to the newly added bed in the studio (as seen in the last images), every piece is carefully curated to enhance your shoot.

Already a favorite for magazine shoots and brands like NIVEA, Pinterest, and TikTok, this location is not just a space—it's a proven backdrop for success.

The Neighborhood: Berlin's Heartbeat

Step outside and immerse yourself in Berlin's vibrant culture. The neighborhood is a melting pot of history and modernity, where every cobblestone has a story, and every street corner boasts a piece of art. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, the area is rich with opportunities for off-site shoots and exploration.

Local Weather and Conditions

With its continental climate, Berlin offers a full spectrum of seasons. The apartment's abundant natural light makes it ideal for shoots year-round, with the golden hues of autumn and the soft pastels of spring providing particularly enchanting backdrops. Plan your visit accordingly, and capture the city's mood in all its seasonal glory.

Book Your Creative Escape

Don't let this opportunity slip through your lens. Book now and secure your spot in this designer's haven. Whether you're looking to shoot a lifestyle editorial or a product campaign, this space is ready to bring your vision to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of lighting is available? The apartment offers abundant natural light, complemented by ambient and accent lighting fixtures for a variety of moods.
  • Can the furniture be rearranged? Yes, the furniture can be moved to suit your shoot's requirements, provided it is returned to its original position.
  • Are props and styling elements included? Yes, a selection of plants, books, and decorative items are available for use as props.
  • Is there a minimum booking time? Please note that there is a 4-hour minimum rental policy.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to similar options, this location stands out for its impeccable natural lighting, versatile spaces, and designer-curated furnishings. The added bonus of booking the host's interior styling expertise elevates this listing above the rest, offering a comprehensive package for creatives seeking a space that goes beyond the ordinary.

Visual Tour

Let's take a visual stroll through this Berlin gem:

Bright Living Room with Wooden Floors and Large Windows
Cozy Bedroom with Soft Lighting and Textured Bedding
Spacious Kitchen with Modern Amenities and Natural Light
Elegant Dining Area with Scandinavian Design Elements
Stylish Living Space with Design Classics and Vintage Pieces

Envision your next project in this space, and let the apartment's natural charm and curated aesthetics amplify your creative vision. Contact for more information and take the first step towards an unforgettable shoot in Berlin's designer heartland.


Berlin Photo Studio: Bright Scandi Home with Urban Jungle Vibes

Designer-architect's home in Berlin: Bright, white, plant-filled spaces with urban jungle vibes. 4th-floor light-filled rooms, vintage decor, and design classics. Ideal for lifestyle shoots, with optional interior styling services. No elevator; 4-hour minimum booking.
Berlin, Germany
122€ per hour