Spacious white loft studio with natural light for photo and film shoots, featuring high ceilings, concrete floors, and large windows with black drapes. Includes a seamless white cyclorama wall, wooden workbench, and modern black pendant lights. Ideal for a variety of production styles, from fashion photography to commercial videography.

Welcome to the Daylight Industrial Studio in Kreuzkölln

Discover the quintessential urban loft-style studio that is the Daylight Industrial Studio, nestled in the vibrant heart of Kreuzkölln. This gem is perched on the 3rd floor of an industrial building, boasting an array of features that make it a premier choice for photographers, videographers, and event organizers alike. With its easy elevator access, the studio is a beacon of convenience and versatility, ready to host your next creative or corporate endeavor.

Studio Features

The studio spans a generous 30 square meters and is bathed in an abundance of natural light, creating an inviting atmosphere that is both warm and functional. The infinity wall stretches across the space, offering a limitless canvas for your photographic and videographic aspirations. The polished concrete floors, replete with authentic wear, add an industrial charm that is both raw and refined, perfect for a variety of aesthetic preferences.

The expansive main area is a playground for creativity, where fashion shoots, interviews, and diverse setups can come to life against a backdrop that exudes contemporary elegance. The white cyclorama, or cyc wall, is a photographer's dream, providing a seamless, infinite white space that is ideal for product shoots and full-body portraits.

Control the ambiance with ease, thanks to the large windows adorned with black drapes, ready to diffuse the light to your liking. The studio's interior design is a tasteful blend of simplicity and style, featuring black pendant lights, chic furniture, and a splash of greenery to enliven the space.

Equipped to the brim, the studio includes photography equipment such as umbrella lights, a fan, and rollable stands, ensuring a shoot that is as smooth as it is successful. The kitchenette, complete with modern appliances, is not only functional for culinary shoots but also doubles as a craft service area for your team.

The dedicated makeup and styling area, with its illuminated mirror and comfortable stools, provides an exclusive space for talent to prepare. And let's not forget the pristine bathroom, which offers additional versatility for scenes requiring such a setting or for behind-the-scenes prep.

Neighborhood and Area

Kreuzkölln, a portmanteau of Kreuzberg and Neukölln, is a district known for its dynamic cultural scene and historical significance. This area is a melting pot of art, cuisine, and history, providing endless inspiration for your projects. The studio's location offers a glimpse into Berlin's soul, where the past and present coalesce to create an environment teeming with creative potential.

Local Weather and Conditions

With Berlin's continental climate, you can expect distinct seasons that each bring their own charm. The studio's natural light is at its peak during the summer months, while the winter provides a softer, more diffused illumination. Plan your visit accordingly, and rest assured that the studio's amenities allow for a comfortable experience year-round.

Book Now

Ready to bring your vision to life in this exquisite space? Contact us for more information and secure your spot in the Daylight Industrial Studio. Whether it's for a photo shoot, video production, or a corporate event, we have the space and the ambiance to make it unforgettable.

FAQ Section

What type of equipment is included with the studio rental?
The studio comes equipped with umbrella lights, a fan, and rollable stands. Please inquire for a full list of available equipment.

Can the studio accommodate large groups for events?
Yes, the open loft character of the studio makes it suitable for larger productions, meetings, workshops, and more.

Is there a kitchen available for use during shoots?
Yes, the studio features a fully equipped kitchenette with modern appliances, perfect for lifestyle or culinary-focused shoots.

Are there facilities for talent preparation?
Yes, there is a makeup and styling area with a lit mirror and a modern bathroom for additional prep space.


When compared to similar studios in the area, the Daylight Industrial Studio stands out with its unique blend of industrial charm and modern amenities. The infinity wall and natural light capabilities are unparalleled, making it a top choice for professionals seeking a versatile and inspiring location.


Daylight Industrial Studio Main Area

Daylight Industrial Studio Cyc Wall

Daylight Industrial Studio Windows with Black Drapes

Daylight Industrial Studio Interior Design

Daylight Industrial Studio Kitchenette

Daylight Industrial Studio Makeup Area

Daylight Industrial Studio Bathroom

Daylight Industrial Studio Equipment

Daylight Industrial Studio Full View

Embrace the opportunity to create in a space that is as limitless as your imagination. The Daylight Industrial Studio awaits your craft, your vision, and your story. Book now and step into a world where creativity knows no bounds.


Kreuzkölln Daylight Studio for Photo, Film & Events

Urban loft-style Studio 3 on the 3rd floor, with elevator access, features a 30m² infinity wall, natural light, and concrete floors. Equipped for large shoots, events, and workshops, it includes a kitchen, make-up area, and modern bathroom. Ideal for versatile creative use.
Berlin, Germany
75€ per hour