Spacious modern studio with high ceiling, black and white color scheme, and large window providing natural light, ideal for photo and film shoots. Features include polished white flooring, black ceiling with recessed lighting, and a wall-mounted equipment rack with lighting gear. The room offers a versatile backdrop with its minimalist design and is equipped with blackout curtains for controlled lighting conditions.

Welcome to Our Daylight Photo and Film Studio Near Lisbon

Discover the perfect blend of natural lighting and professional amenities at our daylight photo and film studio, nestled in the charming town of Paço de Arcos, just a stone's throw away from the vibrant city of Lisbon. Designed for creatives who value both aesthetics and functionality, our studio is a haven for photographers and filmmakers seeking an inspiring space to bring their visions to life.

Studio Features and Amenities

Our studio spans a generous 98 m2, with a dedicated shooting area of 50 m2 and a ceiling height of 2.90 meters, creating an airy and open environment for a variety of projects. The large west-facing window bathes the space in exceptional afternoon light, while blackout curtains stand ready to provide complete light control when required.

Equipped with a large white wall, our studio offers a pristine backdrop for your shoots, and a backdrop structure can be easily mounted to meet your specific needs. Ceiling hooks are also at your disposal, enabling you to hang fabrics or other items to craft unique sets and scenes.

A small but functional kitchen area is included, providing complimentary coffee, tea, and water to keep you and your team refreshed throughout the day. The studio is accessible via large stairs, as it is located two floors down from the entrance level, and both free and paid parking options are available nearby. Multiple transportation solutions are readily accessible, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you and your crew.

It is important to note that the studio is not acoustically treated, which may influence its suitability for certain types of video work. However, for photography and non-sound-sensitive video productions, our studio is an ideal choice.

With a minimal rental period of half-day (5 hours) starting from 30€ per hour, our studio offers both affordability and flexibility for your creative endeavors.

Neighborhood, Area, and City Insights

Paço de Arcos, a picturesque coastal town, provides a serene backdrop for your creative projects. Its proximity to Lisbon, only a 15-minute drive away, allows for easy access to the city's rich cultural and historical tapestry. Lisbon, known for its colorful architecture, traditional Fado music, and historic landmarks, offers endless inspiration for artists and creators.

Whether you're looking to capture the essence of traditional Portuguese life or seeking a modern, urban vibe, the area surrounding our studio provides a diverse palette for your projects. After a productive day at the studio, you can explore the local cuisine, enjoy the scenic views of the Tagus River, or immerse yourself in the bustling nightlife of Lisbon.

Local Weather and Conditions

The Lisbon region is blessed with a Mediterranean climate, featuring warm, sunny summers and mild, wet winters. The best visiting times are typically from March to October when the weather is most favorable for outdoor shoots and natural light is abundant. Seasonal considerations, such as the famous Lisbon light in the late spring and early autumn, can add a magical touch to your productions.

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Don't miss the opportunity to create in a space that combines the best of natural light and professional amenities. Book now or contact us for more information to secure your spot in our sought-after studio.

FAQ Section

What type of equipment is available at the studio?

We offer a range of professional lighting equipment, including high-end Broncolor Siros lights, a sturdy adjustable camera stand, and an assortment of stands and grip equipment to facilitate your shoot.

Can the studio accommodate large groups?

Yes, our studio can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people, making it suitable for both intimate and team-oriented projects.

Are there any amenities for client or talent comfort?

Absolutely! We have a cozy lounge area for relaxation, complete with seating and tables, as well as private areas and WC facilities for convenience.

Is there a space for post-production work?

Yes, our studio includes a professional-grade technical facility with a dedicated workstation and computer monitor for real-time image or footage review.

What about parking and transportation?

There are both free and paid parking options available in the vicinity, and the studio is well-connected by various transportation solutions for easy access.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to similar photo and film studios in the Lisbon area, our studio stands out for its exceptional natural lighting, versatile shooting area, and comprehensive range of professional equipment. The unique combination of a contemporary design, functional amenities, and an accessible location near Lisbon's cultural hub makes our studio a top choice for creatives seeking a premium shooting environment.

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Studio Technical Facilities

Embark on your next creative journey in a space that not only meets but exceeds your professional needs. Our daylight photo and film studio near Lisbon is waiting to be the canvas for your next masterpiece. Contact us to book your session and let the magic unfold.


Lisbon-Area Modern Photo & Film Studio Rental in Paço de Arcos

Modern daylight studio in Paço de Arcos, 15 mins from Lisbon. 98m² space with 50m² shooting area, 2.90m ceiling. Features large window, blackout curtains, kitchen, white wall, backdrop structure, ceiling hooks. No elevator, stairs access. Free/paid parking, not soundproof, min. rental 5hrs.
Paço de Arcos, Portugal
30€ per hour