Historic two-story stone mansion with weathered facade and red window frames, featuring a distinctive corner tower, arched doorway, and terracotta roof tiles. Surrounded by lush greenery and a rustic wooden fence, the property offers a picturesque setting for period dramas or mystery films, with ample natural light and clear blue skies.

Discover the Enigmatic Charm of the Castle of Lože: A Timeless Venue for Your Next Creative Endeavor

Perched atop the serene hilltops of the Vipava valley, near the whispering border of Italy, lies the Castle of Lože, a manor house that has watched centuries unfold. The Castle of Lože is not merely a location; it is a portal to the past, a canvas for artists, and a treasure for filmmakers and photographers alike. With its Venetian-style architecture and an aura that whispers tales of yesteryear, this deserted-like manor house and its accessory buildings beckon you to explore its grandeur.

Exterior Facade of Castle of Lože

The Manor's Ground Floor: A Gateway to Grandiosity

Step into the ground floor of the manor, where history resonates through three spacious rooms and a central great hall sprawling across 200m2. The rooms, each with their own character, offer a variety of backdrops for your creative projects. The great hall, with its high ceilings and old wooden floors, provides an open space that can be transformed to meet the needs of any production.

Interior Great Hall

The First Floor: Where Elegance Meets Versatility

Ascend to the first floor, where another room and a second great hall of equal size await. Here, the remnants of a mosaic floor hint at the manor's opulent past, while the ceiling heights of over 3.6m ensure that your scenes are captured with the grandeur they deserve. This floor offers a blend of space and intimacy, perfect for both expansive shots and close-up scenes.

The Second Floor: A Rustic Retreat

The manor's second floor reveals a mansard roof with exposed wooden beams, adding a touch of rustic charm to your visuals. This unique feature provides a warm and inviting atmosphere, ideal for scenes that require a cozy, homely setting.

The Underground Floor: A Subterranean Sanctuary

Beneath the manor lies an arched wine cellar that stretches beneath the great hall. The cellar's curvature and stonework create an enchanting environment that is both mysterious and inviting, perfect for scenes that demand a touch of the dramatic or the romantic.

Arched Wine Cellar

Accessory Buildings and Grounds: A Panoramic Palette

Outside the manor, the accessory buildings and grounds unfold. A barn with a panoramic rooftop offers breathtaking views of the valley, while a 500m2 shed for livestock presents a raw, unfiltered setting. The inner courtyard, with its two stone wells and enclosing ruined stone walls, serves as a picturesque stage for any scene.

The front lawn, expansive and welcoming, is a blank slate for your imagination. Whether you envision a grand outdoor banquet or a solitary figure contemplating the horizon, this space adapts to your creative needs.

Inner Courtyard

Special Features: Details that Tell a Story

The Castle of Lože is a treasure trove of unique features. The old wooden floors echo the footsteps of bygone eras, while the remains of the mosaic floor offer glimpses into the manor's luxurious past. The stone wells in the inner courtyard serve as focal points for storytelling, and the ruined stone walls provide a textured backdrop that speaks of time's relentless march.

Utilities and Additional Services: Your Comfort, Our Priority

Understanding the needs of a modern production, the Castle of Lože offers practical utilities. Power can be arranged via generator or electrical connection with advance booking, and chemical toilets can be provided upon request. A parking area ensures that your crew and equipment arrive with ease.

For an experience that transcends mere location scouting, indulge in our additional services. Savor meals prepared with local flair, or celebrate the wrap of your project with wine and food tasting in the atmospheric wine cellar.

The Neighborhood, Area, and City: A Cultural Tapestry

The Castle of Lože is nestled in the Vipava valley, a region rich in cultural and historical significance. This area, with its Mediterranean climate and lush vineyards, offers a glimpse into Slovenia's storied past and vibrant present. The proximity to Italy adds a layer of international charm, making the manor a crossroads of cultures.

Local Weather and Conditions: Planning Your Perfect Shoot

The local weather patterns in the Vipava valley are characterized by mild winters and warm summers, with the occasional influence of the Mediterranean breeze. The best visiting times are during the spring and fall, when the weather is temperate and the natural lighting is at its most sublime. Seasonal considerations such as the changing foliage can add a dynamic element to your production.

Call-to-Action: Your Vision Awaits

Envision your next project within the walls of the Castle of Lože. Book Now or Contact for More Information to secure this venue that promises to elevate your creative work to new heights.

FAQ Section: Your Questions Answered

  • What type of equipment is necessary for a shoot at the Castle of Lože?
    Due to the varying lighting conditions and rustic nature of the manor, we recommend bringing additional lighting equipment, generators for power (if not booked in advance), and stabilization gear for uneven surfaces.
  • Are there any restrictions on the type of scenes that can be shot?
    While we welcome a diverse range of creative projects, we ask that you respect the historical integrity of the location. Any scenes that may cause damage to the property are not permitted.
  • Can the Castle of Lože accommodate large crews and equipment?
    Yes, the manor and its grounds are spacious enough to accommodate large crews and equipment. However, we advise a site survey to plan logistics effectively.

Comparison: Why Choose the Castle of Lože?

When compared to similar historic venues, the Castle of Lože stands out for its authentic charm, versatility, and the breadth of its spaces. While other locations may offer a polished look, the Castle of Lože provides a genuine, untouched backdrop that is increasingly rare to find. Its competitive pricing of 130€ per hour makes it an accessible option for a range of budgets.

Whether you seek the grandeur of a bygone era, the intimacy of rustic spaces, or the freedom of expansive grounds, the Castle of Lože is a location that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Its unique blend of history, architecture, and natural beauty makes it a standout choice for filmmakers and photographers who demand authenticity and versatility.

Embrace the opportunity to create within a space that has stood the test of time. The Castle of Lože awaits your vision.


Historic Castle of Lože: Premier Film & Photo Venue in Slovenia

Historic Castle of Lože in Slovenia, near Italy: 12th-century origins, 17th-century Venetian-style rebuild. Offers diverse filming spaces: grand halls, mansard, wine cellar, barn, courtyards. Features old-world charm, high ceilings, wooden floors, stone wells. Generator power, parking, additional services available. Ideal for period, fantasy, or thriller genres.
Vipava, Slovenia
130€ per hour