Bright kitchen interior with vibrant red wooden cabinets and white countertops, featuring a unique blue and white tile backsplash with artistic depictions of hanging kitchen utensils and vegetables. The space includes modern stainless steel appliances and a classic dishwasher, with natural light enhancing the warm ambiance, ideal for culinary photo shoots or cozy domestic film scenes.

Discover Casa do Patio: A Duplex Gem in the Heart of Cascais

Welcome to Casa do Patio, a duplex residence that exudes charm and sophistication in the historical center of Cascais. This property is not just a space; it's a canvas for creators, a haven for visionaries, and a stage for storytellers. With its contemporary elegance and versatile spaces, Casa do Patio is the ideal location for your next photo or video shoot.

Modern Kitchen at Casa do Patio

Modern Kitchen: A Culinary Stage Set to Inspire

The heart of Casa do Patio is its vibrant kitchen, a modern masterpiece with bold red cabinetry and white countertops. The blue tile work, with its aquatic motifs, adds a touch of coastal charm, reflecting Cascais' seaside heritage. The natural light that floods this space creates an inviting atmosphere, perfect for culinary explorations or capturing the essence of a lively lifestyle.

Minimalist Bathroom at Casa do Patio

Minimalist Bathroom: A Backdrop of Understated Elegance

Step into the minimalist bathroom, where simplicity reigns supreme. The sleek dark shower fixture contrasts against the pristine white subway tiles, creating a modern and clean aesthetic. This space is a blank canvas, ideal for product placements or fashion shoots that require a touch of contemporary sophistication.

Outdoor Patio at Casa do Patio

Outdoor Patio: A Mediterranean Oasis in the City

The outdoor patio is a tranquil retreat, where terracotta flooring and a mature tree create a Mediterranean ambiance. The whitewashed walls and stairway offer a serene backdrop for outdoor lifestyle or fashion photography, inviting the warmth of the Portuguese sun into every frame.

Fireplace Area at Casa do Patio

Fireplace Area: An Atmosphere of Drama and Warmth

The living space with its sophisticated fireplace is a testament to the unique character of Casa do Patio. The organic, curved elements and hidden lighting source create an intimate setting that's perfect for atmospheric shoots or scenes that require a dramatic flair.

Dining/Living Room at Casa do Patio

Dining/Living Room: Versatile and Bright

The dining and living room area is a testament to versatility and style. The simple wooden dining set and contemporary seating are complemented by a mix of lighting styles. The large windows ensure that natural light enhances the space, making it suitable for a variety of shoots, from intimate interviews to dynamic lifestyle vignettes.

Bedroom at Casa do Patio

Bedroom: Comfort Meets Elegance

The bedroom at Casa do Patio is a generous space where comfort and elegance coexist. The natural light, built-in bookshelves, and tasteful touches of color create a sophisticated atmosphere that's ideal for fashion, lifestyle, or editorial content.

Sink and Mirror at Casa do Patio

Sink and Mirror: Intimate Reflections

The compact bathroom vanity with its frameless mirror and black fixtures offers an intimate setting for beauty or wellness product shoots. The reflection of the shower in the mirror adds a creative element that can enhance any visual narrative.

Courtyard View at Casa do Patio

Courtyard View: Light and Shadow Play

From another angle, the outdoor area reveals a white stairway and large planters with an olive tree. This perspective captures the interplay of light and shadows, offering a moody or dramatic setting for outdoor scenes.

Lounge with Outdoor Access at Casa do Patio

Lounge with Outdoor Access: The Best of Both Worlds

The cozy lounge area with its sectional sofa and large sliding door to the patio is an embodiment of luxury and freshness. This space allows for lifestyle shoots that capture the essence of indoor comfort with the allure of outdoor beauty.

Vanity Area: A Touch of Class

The polished bathroom setup with its grey-toned design and warm lighting is both classic and modern. The detailed cabinetry and large mirror make it an ideal setting for high-end product placements or beauty routine videos.

The Neighborhood: Cascais' Cultural and Historical Heart

Casa do Patio is nestled in the historical center of Cascais, a town known for its cultural richness and maritime heritage. Just a few quick steps from the main square and the bay's beach, this location offers a truly local experience. Surrounded by restaurants, beaches, and museums, it provides a glimpse into the vibrant life of this coastal gem.

Local Weather and Conditions

Cascais enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and mild winters. The best visiting times are from May to September when the weather is ideal for outdoor shoots. However, the property's diverse indoor spaces are perfect for year-round use, regardless of the season.

Book Your Shoot at Casa do Patio

Ready to capture the essence of Cascais in your next project? Book Casa do Patio now and let this duplex be the backdrop to your creative vision. From 100€ per hour, unlock the potential of this versatile location.

FAQ Section

  • What type of equipment is available at the location? While equipment is not provided, the space is versatile and can accommodate a range of setups.
  • Can the furniture be moved? Yes, furniture can be rearranged with prior notice to suit your shoot requirements.
  • Is there parking available? There is local parking available in the area, though we recommend using public transportation due to the central location.
  • Are there noise restrictions? Given its location in a residential area, noise levels should be kept to a considerate level.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to similar properties in Cascais, Casa do Patio stands out for its proximity to key attractions, its blend of modern and classic design elements, and its private outdoor space. It offers a unique combination of indoor and outdoor settings that cater to a wide range of creative concepts and production requirements, making it a top choice for location scouts and content creators.

With its stunning variety of spaces and prime location, Casa do Patio is waiting to be the stage for your next creative endeavor. Contact us for more information and secure this exclusive spot for your project today.


Cascais Photo & Film Studio Rental: Casa do Patio Duplex

Steps from Cascais' main square, Casa do Patio offers a local vibe in the historical center, near dining and beaches. Ideal for shoots, it features a modern kitchen, minimalist bathroom, serene patio, atmospheric fireplace, versatile living spaces, and sophisticated bedrooms. Perfect for various themes.
Cascais, Portugal
100€ per hour