Vintage-inspired interior with warm wooden flooring and classic white panel doors partially open, leading to a room with a serene pastel blue wall. A mid-century modern wooden sideboard sits against the wall, adorned with a framed botanical lemon print and a blue vase with dried flowers. Elegant white crown molding and a retro-style chandelier with cream shades add character, ideal for period film settings or photoshoots with a nostalgic ambiance. Natural light streams in, casting soft shadows on the floor, enhancing the room's inviting and photogenic quality.

Welcome to Your Next Shoot Location: A Vintage Altbau Flat with Scandinavian Charm in the Heart of Kreuzberg, Berlin

Discover the perfect blend of old-world allure and modern Scandinavian design in our stunning Altbau flat, nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Kreuzberg, Berlin. This exquisite location offers spacious rooms with high ceilings, double doors, and an abundance of natural light, making it an ideal setting for photo and video shoots that require character and elegance.

Entrance Hallway: A Gateway to Elegance

The journey through this enchanting flat begins in the entrance hallway, where warm wooden floors meet a striking teal backdrop. Adorned with framed artwork that adds a splash of sophistication, this space sets the tone for the rest of the home. The open door creates an inviting atmosphere, perfect for narratives centered around home, comfort, or new beginnings.

Living Space: Bright, Airy, and Eco-Friendly

Step into the living room, a 25sq.m haven of tranquility with a south-facing orientation that bathes the space in light all day long. High ceilings and large windows create an airy ambiance, while modern furniture and a wooden plant wall accent infuse the room with a contemporary yet eco-friendly vibe. It's an impeccable setting for lifestyle shoots that require a touch of nature.

Dining Area: Vintage Charm Meets Modern Aesthetics

The dining area exudes a raw and vintage charm, featuring a rustic wall with peeling paint that tells a story of times past. This is complemented by mid-century modern furniture and an ornate chandelier, creating a space ripe for thematic shoots that require a historic or nostalgic backdrop.

Window View: A Cinematic Perspective

Peer through the arched window with its intricate framing, capturing the warmth of the interior. The bouquet foreground and the glimpse into another room offer a soft, cinematic quality, ideal for shoots that benefit from diffused natural light and a sense of intimacy.

Kitchen: Sleek and Modern Culinary Stage

The kitchen boasts minimalist grey cabinetry and a pristine finish, presenting a contemporary setting for cooking shows, adverts, or productions seeking a modern kitchen scene. As a bonus for hobby chefs, the kitchen is fully equipped with special accessories to smoke, sous vide, torch, grill, or set a beautiful tableware.

Bathroom: Modernity Meets Nature

In the design bathroom, modernity harmonizes with natural elements. The transparent shower partition, white subway tiles, and dark flooring create a space that's perfect for beauty or wellness-themed shoots, offering a serene and clean backdrop.

Corridor & Art: Sophisticated Transitions

The hallway is adorned with abstract art pieces that add a layer of modern sophistication. The perspective draws the eye towards the dining area, offering narrative potential for transitions in visual storytelling.

Hallway with Storage: Minimalist Elegance

A muted color palette and minimalist storage solutions line the long corridor, providing a simple yet elegant setting. This space is ideal for character interactions or fashion shoots that require an undistracting background.

Corner Nook: Bohemian Elegance

Discover an intimate corner with a vintage sofa, cabinet, and lush greenery. The distressed wall adds texture and depth, making it perfect for close-up shots that require an ambiance of lived-in comfort or bohemian elegance.

Bedroom: A Blank Canvas for Creativity

The minimalist bedroom offers a white backdrop and simple bedding, serving as a versatile canvas ready to be transformed according to the creative direction. It's suitable for intimate scenes or product placements.

Neighborhood, Area, and City: The Heart of Berlin's Cultural Hub

Kreuzberg is not just a location; it's a cultural experience. Known for its vibrant street art, diverse community, and historic significance, this neighborhood is a melting pot of creativity and history. Just a few steps from the U-bahn Schönleinstrasse, you'll find yourself in the midst of Berlin's most dynamic district, with easy access to the city's plethora of attractions.

Local Weather and Conditions: Timing Your Shoot Perfectly

With its temperate climate, Berlin offers distinct seasons that can add unique moods to your shoot. Spring and autumn provide mild weather and beautiful natural backdrops, while summer offers long days of golden sunlight. Winter brings a magical atmosphere with its soft, diffused light. Plan your shoot by considering these seasonal nuances to capture the desired aesthetic.

Book This Eclectic Altbau Flat for Your Next Project

Ready to transform your creative vision into reality? Book now and secure this versatile location for your next photo or video shoot. With its blend of modern and vintage elements, this flat offers endless possibilities for storytelling and style.

FAQ Section

Q: Can the furniture be rearranged for different shots?
A: Yes, the furniture can be moved to suit your creative needs, as long as it is returned to its original position after the shoot.

Q: Is the kitchen fully functional for cooking segments?
A: Absolutely! The kitchen is fully equipped and ready for any culinary shoot, complete with special accessories for a variety of cooking techniques.

Q: Are there any restrictions on lighting equipment?
A: We welcome the use of additional lighting equipment, provided that it is handled with care and does not damage the property.

Comparative Analysis: Why Choose Our Altbau Flat?

When compared to similar options, our Altbau flat stands out with its authentic vintage charm and Scandinavian mid-century modern furniture. The unique features of each room provide a diverse range of backdrops within a single location, offering exceptional value and versatility for your production needs.

Images of the Location

Entrance Hallway

Living Space

Dining Area

Window View



Corridor & Art

Hallway with Storage

Corner Nook

Embrace the unique atmosphere of our Altbau flat in Kreuzberg, Berlin, and let it be the canvas for your next creative endeavor. Contact us for more information or to schedule your booking today.


Kreuzberg Altbau Studio: Vintage & Modern Photo/Film Space

Charming Altbau flat in Berlin's Kreuzberg, near U-bahn Schönleinstrasse, offers a blend of vintage and modern interiors. Features spacious, light-filled rooms with high ceilings, a design bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen. Ideal for diverse photo/video shoots with its authentic Scandinavian furniture and versatile spaces.
Berlin, Germany
96€ per hour