Elegant bar interior with terracotta floor tiles and warm peach walls, featuring a curved bar counter with vertical ribbed detailing and brass base. The back bar showcases an array of colorful bottles on circular shelves, complemented by stylish pendant lighting. Lush green plants add a natural touch, while the space is furnished with black bar stools and a mix of wooden and white tabletops. Long, flowing drapes frame the scene, creating a sophisticated and inviting atmosphere for photo and film productions.

Discover the Charm of Orangerie Neukölln: A Versatile Photo/Video Location in Berlin

Welcome to Orangerie Neukölln, a gem nestled in the heart of the neo-baroque Körnerpark, offering a unique blend of elegance and versatility for your next photo or video shoot. This multifaceted venue is an absolute oasis in Berlin, providing an array of settings that cater to a wide range of creative visions. Let's dive into the distinct features that make Orangerie Neukölln the perfect location for your project.

Indoor Bar Area: A Symphony of Style and Sophistication

Indoor Bar Area at Orangerie Neukölln

The indoor bar area of Orangerie Neukölln exudes a contemporary charm with its trendy design and ambient lighting. The circular shelving unit, a centerpiece of the space, showcases a curated selection of bottles, illuminated by warm LED lights that create a captivating glow. The bar counter's ribbed texture and brass-like trim add a touch of elegance, while the high bar stools invite guests to linger. Potted plants interspersed throughout the area bring a refreshing natural element to the sophisticated environment. Floor-to-ceiling draperies and terracotta-colored tiled floors round out the warm and inviting ambiance, making it an ideal backdrop for shoots that require a chic and polished setting.

Seating Area with Large Window: A Cozy Corner with a View

Seating Area with Large Window at Orangerie Neukölln

Adjacent to the bar is a cozy corner that offers a more relaxed setting. Plush armchairs and a small table sit by a large window, providing a comfortable space for intimate scenes. The view of the outdoor seating area adds depth and interest to the composition. Indoor greenery and a classic rug contrast beautifully against the modern interior, creating a visually rich environment that is perfect for lifestyle or editorial shoots.

Daytime and Nighttime Ambiance: Capturing the Perfect Mood

Orangerie Neukölln's transformation from a bright and airy café during the day to a moody bar and club at night offers unparalleled versatility for your shoot. The varying intensities of artificial lighting allow you to capture different moods and themes, from the soft natural daylight streaming through the large windows to the intimate glow of the bar's LED lights at night. This dynamic range of lighting conditions ensures that you can create the exact atmosphere your project requires, be it a cheerful morning scene or a sophisticated evening affair.

Outdoor Garden and Terrace: A Picturesque Setting with Historical Charm

Outdoor Garden and Terrace at Orangerie Neukölln

The outdoor garden and terrace area of Orangerie Neukölln is a haven of tranquility and beauty. The neatly trimmed hedges and vibrant flowering plants provide a classical European garden aesthetic, reminiscent of a historical or formal setting. Casual seating clusters are interspersed throughout the terrace, offering a variety of angles and compositions for lifestyle or social-themed shoots. The elegant backdrop of Körnerpark adds a sense of grandeur and timelessness to your visuals.

Communal Dining Room: An Intimate Space for Gatherings

Communal Dining Room at Orangerie Neukölln

The communal dining room presents a private and sophisticated space for shoots that require a more intimate setting. The long wooden table, set for a gathering, is bathed in natural light from the large windows, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Plants and minimalist wall art adorn the room, providing a down-to-earth yet elegant environment that is ideal for capturing scenes of social interaction or culinary experiences.

Neighborhood, Area, and City: The Heart of Neukölln's Vibrant Culture

Orangerie Neukölln is located in the bustling district of Neukölln, a melting pot of cultures and one of Berlin's most dynamic neighborhoods. The area is rich in history and brimming with artistic energy, offering a plethora of opportunities for exploration and inspiration. Körnerpark itself is a neo-baroque masterpiece, providing a serene escape from the urban hustle and bustle. The surrounding streets are lined with eclectic shops, galleries, and eateries, reflecting the diverse and creative spirit of Berlin.

Local Weather and Conditions: Best Times to Visit

Berlin's climate is temperate, with distinct seasons that each offer their own unique charm. Spring and summer provide lush greenery and pleasant temperatures, perfect for outdoor shoots on the terrace. Fall brings a palette of warm colors, while winter offers a serene, snow-dusted landscape. The best visiting times are from late spring to early fall when the weather is most conducive to photography and videography. However, the indoor spaces of Orangerie Neukölln are available year-round, ensuring that your project can proceed regardless of the season.

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FAQ Section

  • What type of equipment is available on-site?
    We provide basic lighting and seating arrangements. However, we recommend bringing your specialized equipment to meet your specific project needs.
  • Can the furniture be rearranged?
    Yes, furniture can be rearranged with prior notice and approval to ensure it fits the vision of your shoot.
  • Is there a limit to the number of people allowed on the premises?
    The communal dining room accommodates 15-30 people. For larger crews or casts, please contact us for arrangements.
  • Are there any restrictions on the type of content that can be created?
    We are open to a wide range of creative projects but reserve the right to review and approve the content being produced on our premises.

Comparative Analysis: Orangerie Neukölln vs. Similar Locations

When compared to similar photo and video shoot locations in Berlin, Orangerie Neukölln stands out for its unique combination of indoor elegance and outdoor charm. The venue's versatility allows for a wide range of visual narratives, from high-fashion editorials to casual lifestyle shoots. With its central location in the culturally rich district of Neukölln and the enchanting backdrop of Körnerpark, Orangerie Neukölln offers an unparalleled setting that is both convenient and inspiring.

Don't miss the opportunity to create stunning visuals in one of Berlin's most sought-after locations. Contact us for more information or to schedule your visit to Orangerie Neukölln today!


Berlin Orangerie Neukölln: Top Photo & Film Studio Space

Orangerie Neukölln, nestled in Berlin's Körnerpark, offers a chic bar, cozy indoor seating with large windows, and a lush outdoor terrace. This versatile venue transforms from a vibrant café to a trendy bar and club, featuring a private dining room for intimate shoots, perfect for capturing both relaxed daytime and sophisticated nighttime moods.
Berlin, Germany
150€ per hour