Spacious living room with parquet flooring, large windows with garden view, vintage brown velvet sofa, wooden piano, and assorted indoor plants, ideal for cozy domestic scene in photo and film production.

Welcome to Our Original 70s House – A Timeless Gem for Your Next Photo/Video Shoot

Step into a world where the charm of the 70s meets modern elegance. Our original house, with its parquet floors and newly renovated kitchen and bathrooms, offers a unique canvas for your creative endeavors. Whether you're a filmmaker, photographer, or content creator, this location provides an array of captivating spaces that blend the past with the present. Let's explore the distinctive features that make this house the perfect setting for your next project.

Interior Spaces

Living Room with Parquet Flooring

Living Room – A Nostalgic Retreat

Imagine filming in a living room that exudes warmth and comfort. The parquet wood floor adds a touch of nostalgia, while the large floor-to-ceiling window frames the verdant outdoors, inviting natural light to dance across the room. Minimalist furnishings, including a plush L-shaped brown sofa and a rocking chair, create an inviting atmosphere. The indoor plant and statement lighting fixture add character, making this space ideal for scenes that require a cozy, homey backdrop.

Workspace – Modern and Personal

Modern Workspace

The workspace, with its matte black cabinet system and personal touches like children's artwork, offers a sleek, contemporary design. It's the perfect backdrop for modern home office scenes, providing a clean and professional setting with a hint of personality.

Bathroom – Simplicity at Its Finest

Clean White Bathroom

The bathroom's clean lines and white color palette create a serene environment. With a corner sink, toilet, and minimal foliage, this space is perfect for scenes that require a simple, uncluttered bathroom setting.

Kitchen – Culinary Creativity

Contemporary Kitchen

Our kitchen is a dream for culinary shoots, featuring modern appliances, dark countertops, and a white subway tile backsplash. The central cooking area, surrounded by counter space and a large window overlooking greenery, is excellent for scenes depicting cooking or casual interactions in a contemporary kitchen environment.

Exterior Patio – Alfresco Elegance

Outdoor Patio Seating

The exterior patio, with its retro turquoise chairs and glass-top table, offers a charming setting for outdoor dining scenes or social gatherings. The connection to the interior through large windows and the surrounding lush garden environment enhances the space's appeal.

Bedroom – Versatile and Intimate

Simplistic Bedroom Design

The bedroom's simplistic design, with its parquet floor and adaptable decor, provides a versatile space for various bedroom scenes. A small bed, cabinet, and plush tiger toy add character, allowing for easy customization to fit your narrative.

Outdoor and Miscellaneous Spaces

Garden – A Green Sanctuary

Lush Garden Area

The garden is a tapestry of greenery and seasonal foliage, featuring a round, overgrown garden bed. It's the perfect backdrop for outdoor, nature-centric scenes, offering a sense of seclusion and serene residential life.

Recreation Area – Casual and Fun

Recreational Pool Table

The enclosed recreation area with a pool table and concrete floors suggests a personal retreat or casual playroom setting. It's ideal for scenes that require a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

Kitchen Detail – Focus on the Flavor

Kitchen Cooking Area

Another angle of the kitchen showcases the cooking area with its stove and kitchenware. This close-up view highlights the meticulous details and potential for shots involving food preparation.

Utility Room/Garage – Real-Life Scenarios

The utility room/garage, with its household items, washing machine, and bicycle, set against exposed brick and concrete, is perfect for scenes depicting everyday home chores or as a storage or workshop area in a narrative.

Neighborhood, Area, and City – A Cultural Tapestry

Our house is nestled in a neighborhood that boasts a rich tapestry of cultural and historical significance. The area is renowned for its vibrant community, artistic expressions, and historical landmarks. The city itself is a hub of creativity and innovation, offering endless inspiration for your projects. You'll find that the local ambiance adds depth and authenticity to your shoots, providing not only a beautiful setting but also a story to tell.

Local Weather and Conditions

The local weather patterns are characterized by distinct seasons, each offering its unique charm. The best visiting times are during spring and autumn when the weather is mild and the natural lighting is optimal for shoots. However, the house's versatile indoor and outdoor spaces are well-suited for year-round use, allowing you to capture the essence of each season.

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FAQ Section

What type of equipment is available on-site?

We offer a selection of basic equipment for your convenience. Please inquire for a detailed list and availability.

Can the furniture be rearranged for different scenes?

Yes, furniture can be rearranged with prior notice and care to maintain the integrity of the space.

Is there parking available?

Yes, there is ample parking available for your crew and equipment vehicles.

Are there any restrictions on the type of content that can be produced here?

We are open to a wide range of creative projects but reserve the right to review the content to ensure it aligns with our values and property standards.

Comparison with Similar Options

When compared to similar locations, our original 70s house stands out for its authentic vintage charm combined with modern amenities. The expansive 1200 sqm garden and the variety of indoor spaces provide unparalleled versatility for shoots. Rated highly for its unique aesthetic and well-maintained features, this location is a preferred choice for those seeking a blend of retro and contemporary settings.

Don't miss the opportunity to capture the essence of an era in a space that has been meticulously preserved and updated for today's creative needs. Contact us to secure your spot at this one-of-a-kind location.


Modern 70s House: Ideal Photo & Film Studio in Lush Garden

Charming location with a modern house featuring parquet floors, new kitchen/bathrooms, and an attic. The 1200 sqm garden offers lush backdrops, perfect for diverse photo/video shoots that require a blend of contemporary interiors and serene outdoor settings.
Berlin-Spandau, Germany
150€ per hour