Aerial view of a secluded estate in Estoril with a large traditional red-tiled roof house surrounded by dense greenery, featuring a spacious rectangular swimming pool, ideal for private outdoor scenes and luxury setting in photo and film productions.

Discover the Quintessential Private Garden Oasis in Estoril, Lisbon

Welcome to a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Estoril, Lisbon. This private garden with a pristine pool offers a secluded paradise for photographers and filmmakers seeking an exquisite outdoor setting. With its lush greenery and elegant architectural features, this location promises to be the perfect backdrop for your next creative project.

Aerial Perspective: A Bird's Eye View of Serenity

From above, this property is a verdant enclave, shrouded by a canopy of trees that ensures privacy and tranquility. The expansive garden area, visible in the aerial photograph, offers a serene setting that feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This aerial perspective is not just a testament to the property's seclusion but also to the potential for stunning overhead shots that capture the essence of an exclusive retreat.

Swimming Pool Area: A Modern Aquatic Haven

The heart of this location is the sizeable rectangular swimming pool, framed by a well-manicured lawn and sleek white stone tiles. The area is accentuated by stylish white circular chairs, providing a contemporary vibe perfect for lifestyle or fashion shoots. The pool's crystal-clear waters invite scenes of leisure and luxury, as seen in the poolside image, making it an ideal setting for capturing the essence of summertime bliss.

Garden and Vegetation: Nature's Artistry at Work

The meticulously curated garden beds and the larger areas adorned with mature trees and hedgerows create a natural sanctuary. The diverse vegetation offers a rich tapestry of colors and textures, providing a dynamic and organic backdrop for any scene. The lush greenery not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to the serene atmosphere that engulfs this enchanting location.

Poolside Aesthetic: A Canvas of Elegance and Simplicity

The poolside area exudes a sense of understated elegance with its flowering shrubs and pristine white boundary wall. This clean and bright setting offers a versatile stage for photographers and filmmakers, as showcased in the poolside aesthetic, allowing for a multitude of camera angles without any distracting elements in the background.

Building Exterior: Timeless Architecture Meets Modern Charm

The building's exterior is a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary design. With its tan-colored roof, white walls, and gray stone accents, the structure exudes a timeless elegance. The presence of a balcony offers additional opportunities for shots that require an elevated perspective or a grand overlook, as depicted in the building exterior image.

Entrance and Pathways: The Gateway to Your Story

The property's entrance is both inviting and picturesque, with a welcoming staircase leading to a robust wooden door, flanked by vibrant greenery. This area is perfect for capturing arrival or departure scenes, adding a touch of drama and narrative to your production, as seen in the entrance and pathways photograph.

Lawn and Leisure Space: A Versatile Stage for Creativity

The sprawling lawn serves as a natural canvas, contrasting beautifully with the pool's azure blue. This open space is not only ideal for setting up equipment but also for scenes that require a leisurely, relaxed atmosphere. The presence of an umbrella-shaded area adds to the versatility of the location, offering a cozy spot for more intimate scenes.

Light and Shade: The Dance of Natural Illumination

Thanks to the diverse array of trees, this location offers abundant opportunities to experiment with light and shadow. The natural sunlight, filtered through the foliage, creates a dynamic interplay of illumination that changes throughout the day, providing a multitude of options for morning or afternoon shoots.

The Neighborhood: Estoril's Enchanting Charm

Estoril is a prestigious area known for its luxurious villas, grand hotels, and the famous Estoril Casino. The neighborhood exudes an air of sophistication and history, with cultural landmarks such as the Estoril Congress Center and the verdant gardens of Estoril Park. This coastal town, with its rich heritage and vibrant cultural scene, offers a plethora of inspiration for storytelling and visual arts.

Local Weather and Conditions: A Filmmaker's Paradise

Estoril is blessed with a mild Mediterranean climate, making it an ideal location for outdoor shoots year-round. The best visiting times are during spring and autumn, where the weather is pleasant, and the natural lighting is optimal for photography and filming. However, the property's lush greenery provides ample shade, making summer shoots equally viable.

Book Your Creative Escape Today

Seize the opportunity to capture the essence of luxury and tranquility in this private garden oasis. Book now for your next photo or video production and create content that stands out. Available from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm on working days, this location is priced at 500€ per day, with weekend bookings negotiable. Don't miss out on the chance to bring your creative vision to life in this exquisite setting.

FAQ Section

  • What type of equipment is suitable for this location?
    Due to the spacious nature of the garden and pool area, a wide range of equipment can be accommodated, including lighting rigs, reflectors, and camera stabilizers.
  • Can the property be booked on weekends?
    While normally not available on weekends, arrangements can be negotiable. Please inquire for specific dates.
  • Are there any restrictions on the type of production that can be conducted here?
    This location is ideal for photo shoots and video productions that require a domestic or leisure setting. Please discuss any specific project requirements in advance.

Comparison: Why Choose This Estoril Garden?

When compared to similar options, this Estoril garden stands out for its privacy, the versatility of shooting angles, and the pristine condition of its outdoor features. The unique combination of a modern pool area and classic architectural elements provides a range of visual opportunities unmatched by other locations.

With its serene atmosphere, diverse settings, and convenient location, this property is a top-tier choice for creatives seeking an exceptional outdoor venue for their next project. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information or to secure your booking.


Estoril Private Garden: Luxe Photo & Film Location Booking

Private garden with pool in Estoril for photo/video shoots. Secluded, serene setting with a spacious pool, modern seating, manicured gardens, and classic architecture. Available 9-7 on weekdays, weekends negotiable. Ideal for luxury lifestyle scenes.
Estoril, Portugal
500€ per day