Sunset view from a lakeside wooden deck featuring a hot tub, with a modern building to the left and leafless tree silhouettes against a clear sky, overlooking calm water and distant houses on the opposite shore, ideal for serene and luxurious film or photo settings.

Discover the Charm of Riverside Modern Wooden House: A Unique Photographic Gem

Welcome to the Riverside Modern Wooden House, a serene and picturesque location that stands as a testament to architectural beauty and historical richness. Nestled on the tranquil Platais Island, this property is not just a space but an experience, waiting to be captured through the lens of creativity. Let's embark on a journey through each of the location's features, its neighborhood, and the practicalities of using this space for your next photo or video project.

Exquisite Interior and Exterior Features

The Riverside Modern Wooden House is a harmonious blend of history and modernity. Constructed in 1928 and thoughtfully renovated in 2023, the house pays homage to its roots in the 30s and the vibrant era of the 60s. With direct access to the Seine, an expansive 80m2 terrace, and interiors that exude elegance, this location is a canvas for creatives seeking to capture the essence of luxury and comfort.

Exterior Deck with Hot Tub

Imagine the golden hour sunlight spilling over a spacious wooden deck, the Seine river providing a gentle, rippling soundtrack. The deck, featuring a luxurious hot tub, is an idyllic setting for shoots that aim to evoke relaxation and opulence. The juxtaposition of natural elements with the warmth of the wooden deck creates a versatile backdrop for a variety of themes.

Exterior Deck with Hot Tub

Interior Living Area

Step inside to discover a living area where high ceilings with exposed wooden beams meet large windows that bathe the space in natural light. The fusion of modern and vintage furniture pieces offers endless possibilities for lifestyle or editorial shoots. Whether capturing the soft morning light or the golden hues of dusk, this space is a photographer's dream.

Interior Living Area

Dining Area

Adjacent to the living space is a dining area that exudes sophistication. The sleek, green marble table, modern chairs, and unique pendant lights set the stage for a high-end dining experience or a creative meeting space. This area is perfect for crafting a narrative around elegance and style.

Dining Area


Each bedroom in the Riverside Modern Wooden House offers its own unique ambiance. One bedroom is a sanctuary of coziness with warm lighting and earthy tones, while the other is a vibrant space with skylights and playful colors. Both settings are ideal for shoots that require a contemporary bedroom scene.

Cozy Bedroom Vibrant Bedroom


The bathroom is a showcase of modern elegance, featuring terrazzo flooring, a wooden vanity, and gold fixtures. The round mirrors reflect a space perfect for beauty or lifestyle shoots that focus on personal care and wellness.

Elegant Bathroom

Loft Bedroom

The loft bedroom is a bright and airy retreat with vaulted ceilings and skylights. It's an ideal setting for luxurious or introspective themes, with a distinct sitting area adding to the room's versatility.

Loft Bedroom

Architectural Details

Throughout the Riverside Modern Wooden House, contemporary art pieces, chic lighting fixtures, and curated decor items provide a wealth of detail shots and mood-setting opportunities. These elements complement a wide range of visual storytelling narratives.

Architectural Details

The Neighborhood: A Blend of Culture and History

Platais Island, renowned for its naturist history, is a secluded oasis that offers both privacy and a connection to the rich cultural tapestry of the surrounding area. The island's exclusivity and direct access to the Seine make it a unique location for capturing moments that are both intimate and grandiose.

Local Weather and Conditions

The local weather patterns on Platais Island are typical of the region, with distinct seasons offering a variety of backdrops for shoots. The best visiting times are during spring and autumn for mild weather and beautiful natural lighting. However, the island's charm is present year-round, with each season bringing its own unique atmosphere.

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FAQ Section

What type of equipment is available at the location?

The house is equipped with basic amenities, but specific photography or video equipment should be brought by the production team.

Can the location be used for events?

Yes, the Riverside Modern Wooden House is suitable for small, intimate events. Please inquire for more details.

Is there parking available?

There is a nearby public parking area, and we provide boat transportation to and from the island.

Are there any restrictions on the type of shoots allowed?

We welcome a variety of photo and video shoots but ask that the integrity of the space is respected. Please discuss your project with us in advance.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to similar locations, the Riverside Modern Wooden House stands out for its private island setting, historical significance, and the seamless blend of vintage charm with modern amenities. Its unique features and versatility make it an exceptional choice for discerning creatives seeking a location that offers both aesthetic appeal and functional space.

Whether you're looking to capture the essence of luxury living, the intimacy of a private retreat, or the vibrancy of a historical setting, the Riverside Modern Wooden House is a location that not only meets but exceeds expectations. Don't miss the opportunity to create in this unparalleled space. Contact us today for more information or to book your session.


Platais Island Riverside House: Ideal Photo & Film Location

1928 riverside house on Platais Island, renovated for a unique blend of 30s and 60s design. Private, boat-access only, with 80m2 terrace, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, high-ceiling living room, and American kitchen. Ideal for water sports and luxury lifestyle shoots, offering indoor elegance and outdoor charm.
Villennes Sur Seine, France
100€ per hour