Spacious dining room with natural light, featuring a wooden herringbone floor, a large wooden table with metal legs, and industrial-style pendant lights. A cozy bench with a fur throw sits alongside the table, and an exposed brick fireplace adds a rustic touch. White curtains frame a window overlooking greenery, creating a serene atmosphere suitable for photo shoots and film productions seeking a homey, elegant interior.

Discover the Timeless Elegance of Our Zehlendorf Villa

Step into a world where classic charm meets modern elegance. Nestled in the serene district of Zehlendorf, our meticulously renovated 1910 villa offers a harmonious blend of country house allure and contemporary design. This exquisite location, with its sprawling garden plot, is a treasure trove of visual delights, perfect for film and photo shoots that demand a backdrop with character and sophistication.

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Interior Majesty: A Tour Through the Villa's Features

Dining Area: Where Elegance Meets Functionality

Elegant Dining Area Dining Area with Natural Light

The heart of our villa is the dining area, a space that exudes warmth and elegance. A grand dining table with a robust wood top and sleek metal legs anchors the room, while industrial pendant lights dangle above, casting a contemporary glow. The white-painted brick fireplace adds a rustic touch, and large windows bathe the room in natural light. The classic herringbone parquet flooring infuses a sense of history and grandeur, making this room an ideal setting for upscale dining scenes or sophisticated gatherings.

Entryway/Staircase: A Grand Welcome

Staircase and Entryway

As you enter the villa, the entryway presents a minimalist staircase with wooden steps and a traditional dark-wood banister. The staircase not only serves as a functional element but also as a striking visual feature, offering depth and leading lines for dynamic photography. Arched doorways and discrete wall-mounted light fixtures complement the natural light, creating an inviting and photogenic entrance.

Living Room: A Tapestry of Textures

Cozy Living Room Living Room with Bookshelves Living Room Decor Living Room Bohemian Vibe

The living room is a sanctuary of eclectic style, featuring a plush sofa, vintage wooden tables, and a rich collection of textiles. Bookshelves brimming with books and personal touches create a lived-in atmosphere, perfect for lifestyle shoots that require a setting with soul. The bohemian vibe is complemented by diverse artwork, making the space a canvas for storytelling.

Kitchen: A Culinary Dream

Modern Kitchen Kitchen with Functional Island

The villa's kitchen is a marvel of modern design, boasting wood-tone cabinetry and top-of-the-line stainless-steel appliances. The functional island, complete with a gas cooktop and stainless-steel hood, is a chef's delight. Task lighting ensures that every culinary detail is visible, making this kitchen not only a joy to cook in but also a bright and inviting space for photo and video shoots.

The Neighborhood: Zehlendorf's Charm

Zehlendorf is a district renowned for its tranquil streets, lush greenery, and prestigious history. This southwestern suburb of Berlin is a haven for those seeking a peaceful retreat from the city's hustle while still cherishing the rich cultural tapestry that Berlin offers. The area is dotted with historic villas, serene lakes, and extensive forests, providing a picturesque setting for outdoor shoots and an authentic taste of Berlin's affluent residential life.

Local Weather and Conditions: Planning Your Shoot

With a temperate climate, Zehlendorf experiences warm summers and chilly winters, offering a variety of seasonal backdrops. The best visiting times are late spring through early fall when the gardens are in full bloom and the natural light is most favorable for shooting. However, the villa's ample indoor lighting and cozy interiors make it a suitable location year-round.

Why Choose Our Villa?

When compared to similar options, our Zehlendorf villa stands out for its unique combination of historical charm and modern amenities. The versatility of the spaces within the villa allows for a wide range of creative possibilities, from fashion editorials to feature film sets. The abundant natural light and the property's overall aesthetic appeal make it a prime choice for discerning creatives.

FAQ Section

What type of equipment is available on-site?

We provide basic lighting and grip equipment. Additional equipment can be arranged upon request.

Can the bedroom areas be used for shoots?

The master bathroom on the first floor is readily available, and the bedroom areas can be made available by arrangement.

Is there parking available?

Yes, there is ample parking available for crew and talent.

Are there restrictions on the type of content that can be produced?

We welcome a diverse range of creative projects but reserve the right to review the content to ensure it aligns with the property's image.

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Our villa offers an unparalleled setting that fuses historical elegance with modern sophistication. Whether you're capturing a fashion line, filming a period piece, or creating content that requires a setting with depth and character, our Zehlendorf villa is the ideal location.

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Charming Zehlendorf Villa for Photo & Film Shoots

1910 villa with modern country charm, featuring a versatile Beletage with dining, living, open kitchen, porch, and winter garden. Includes a master bath, optional bedrooms, and a classic staircase. The expansive garden and terraces offer outdoor set potential. Ideal for varied photo/video shoots.
Berlin, Germany
150€ per hour