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Hi, Hallo, Bonjour. My name is Joffrey Umbdenstock and I’m working as a videographer.
As my last name might suggest it, I come from a nice village in the heart of Alsace. Close to my roots, I like to say that I grew up in a family of carpenters, because I inherited there a strong idea of construction, creation. I later rediscovered this power of creation through audiovisual production. So, little by little, I started to film and direct simple stories with friends, edits of video games, sports and with time I developed a real passion for video. I love capturing unique moments, adjusting, ordering, retouching them to create a story. “Story” and “Storytelling”, these became catchy words, at the same time I do believe in them, I believe in producing meaningful videos, videos that have an impact, that brings us back memories, that inspires us.

I started photography as a hobby during my Masters in the UK. Having lived, studied and worked in different countries and cultures, I started to collect memories of the places, and people I came across. Initial years in photography, I was fascinated to capture pictures of different birds which I saw for the first time when I was living in the UK. Over the years, my picture style transitioned to urban landscapes and travel oriented photography. Most of my pictures has strong influence on weather. Currently working on mastering Portraits, Hyperlapse and creative video editing techniques.

I am a 31-year old photographer from the south of Germany! In 2017 I quit the military, packed up my bag, and started on an 8-month backpacking journey. I’ve visited the USA, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. Over this time, I have grown comfortable with my camera, shooting and editing every time I had the opportunity to do so.
Once my trip was over, I relocated to Berlin (Germany) and visited a school for Photography and Social Media. Afterwards I worked full-time as a photographer for a Studio in Berlin. One year later I started freelancing and I am still doing so.

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