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There’s never been a best time to launch a podcast than right now! A podcast is an easy, fun and effective to both create a new audience and engage it all while creating long-form reusable content. Leave the technical aspect to us and launch your podcast in record-time with the Beazy Pro Podcast packages.

Beazy Pro is a service that allows fast and personalized content production in Germany
Create an audience

Platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts will expose you to new listeners. Not everyone who listens to your show will come back, but those who like it will become loyal listeners and will start recommending it. Over time you’ll build a large audience of people eager to listen to your next episode.

Beazy Pro is a service that allows fast and personalized content production in Germany
Long-form content

Podcasts allow you to dive deeper in topic than most other content format. Podcast listeners's commitment gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise in a way that other formats simply can't offer. This is perfect for businesses with complex products or long sales cycles.

Beazy Pro is a service that allows cheap and personalized content production in Germany
Build authority

Hosting a podcast has a similar effect as running a blog or writing a book, it helps build your reputation as an expert. Regularly sharing helpful in-depth advice on a specific topic helps position you as an authority in your industry / niche. By increasing your authority in your market you also attract more opportunities.

Beazy Pro is a service that allows fast and personalized content production in Germany
Repeat touch point

 Similar to a newsletter, when listeners subscribe to your podcast they are opting-in to be hearing from you on a regular basis. This allows you to develop a trusted relationship, a personal connection which goes a long way towards building brand loyalty while staying at the top of their minds.

Podcast Packages

This DIY (Do It Yourself) package contains everything you’ll need to make your first podcast a success. Assemble and operate it yourself to maximize your learnings!
Starting at
25€ / hour
The Base Kit will get you a professional high-quality podcast of up to 1 hour with basic sound and color editing. Our team will help you prepare everything and will assign the ideal professional to your project.
Starting at
275€ / hour
1x Camera
‍3x Microphones
‍1x Professional Operator
‍1x Lighting Kit
2x Basic sound and color editing
The Pro Kit is a professional multi-camera (4K) kit on location (professional studio, design home, industrial space, etc). Comes with our team’s support, a camera operator as well as a make-up artist. For those who only want the best of the best.
Starting at
650€ / hour
2x 4K Camera
5x Microphones
1x Professional Operator
1x Make-up Artist
1x Lighting Kit
1x Location
2x Basic sound and color editing

Didn’t find a package that suits your needs?
Get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with a quote for your project in record time. We’re always happy to help!

Price on request
Beazy Pro helps you meet your production needs. Whether you need to book an original shooting location, a large list of audiovisual equipment, or even both, we’re here to help.

About Beazy Pro

We help companies, agencies and organisations produce the content they need in Germany.
We fulfill our clients content production needs at unbeatable prices and at record speed. All thanks to key partnerships and our German database of over 3'000 creatives, more than 2'500 pieces of camera equipment and over 100 unique locations available for rent.
Whether you need to book a unique shooting location, hire specific creatives, rent a large list of audiovisual equipment, or anything else, Beazy Pro is here to help.

How does it work?


We find, book and manage everything for you. Whether you need to book a unique shooting location, a large list of audiovisual equipment, a team of talented professionals or even all of these, we’re here to help.

How can I get a quote?


Fill in the form on this page. Use the requirements section and make sure to detail all your needs and expectations. We'll get back to you in 24 hours at most.

Where are you operating?


Beazy for pros is available in Germany, you'll be in touch with our Berlin-based team.

What's the standard pricing?


There's no usual pricing as every quote is made on demand and the total amount will depend on your exact production needs. Submit your request, get a quote and see if it fits your needs!


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Beazy pro is a production service that supports you in the creation and recording of podcasts
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