The most stable underwater drone

45° Adjustable
Tilt Lock

Adjustable tilt lock from -45 ° to 45 ° enables it to capture stunning tilted shot while moving forward or backward.

Wireless Communication Buoy

Wireless Communication Buoy designed to be the above-water base for information transmission.

500m Radio Frequency Remote Control

Navatics remote control uses radio frequency to connect with the waterproof Wireless Communication Buoy with a range up to 500m/1640ft.

Smart APP - Giving Full Play to MITO's Potential

Gain access to more functions and settings for a more comfortable and precise control.

Get the best underwater photography experience with the Navatics MITO underwater drone, available for rent via Beazy, the rental platform for photographers and filmmakers.

Navatics MITO's features

Rent the Navatics MITO underwater drone via Beazy, the rental platform for photographers and filmmakers.

40 meters

Maximum Depth

2 m/s


4 hours

Swappable Battery

1080 P

4K Recording
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