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Upgrade to a smart production calendar

Project-based calendars and timelines make planning productions easier than ever.

Calendar feature for content production management platform
CRM tool for production agencies

A calendar made for creative teams

  • Create events and milestones per project
  • View talent availabilities in the calendar
  • Choose between a calendar view and a timeline view
  • Upload files and assign tasks to calendar events

Production timelines you can rely on

  • Use project phases to structure your timeline
  • Share the calendar with clients and colleagues
  • Use emojis in milestones
  • Drag and drop workflow
Milestone feature in management tool for content production.
Calendar feature for content production management platform

Sync with your Google Calendar

  • Show your Google Calendar events in Beazy
  • Show Beazy events in your Google Calendar
  • Sync to Outlook and Apple Calendar (coming soon)

Calendar FAQs

Is there a calendar for each project?

What type of events can I create?

What info can I add to an event?

What info can be synced to my Google Calendar?

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